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We all have those things we put off over and over. We know we will be better for it, why don’t we just do it already?

Try this quick workout to get your day started. Working out first thing in the morning teaches us to knock out any obstacles that come our way. It also establishes our self-worth, before the world tries to tell us that they and their time and happiness is more important than ours. Silence those monsters before they even get out of the cage. Show yourself how important you are by knocking out all the things that make you a better person first thing!

What else are you wrestling with or putting last that should go first in life? Go ahead and do the thing you are wrestling with in your head. It will take far less energy to do it than to keep wrestling it all day! The moment that war inside begins knock it out, do the “thing” and boom, TKO it’s done!

Win the war inside every time by just doing the thing until it’s done! TKO STYLE!

Exercise is one of the biggest inner wars humans have, we know we should, but we procrastinate it. We know we will feel better but we put it off until we are too tired or too busy or it’s too late to do it. We know if we knock it out we knockout all the coulda, shoulda, woulda monsters.

Do the hardest thing first, and the rest of your day is easy!

Working out isn’t the hard thing, starting is.

We fight ourselves so hard on the things that we need the most. Our self-care is to be treated as an unbreakable meeting that we schedule DAILY.

If we don’t do the things that fill our cups up, we become empty and needy, making bad choices and sputtering around like a car out of gas! No one is attracted to a broken down lifeless person! Are you? Of course not! Do things that fill your tank with the best possible fuel to run your life.

Every time you make a choice that supports you, everyone wins.

Your family, your co-workers, your spouse and you deserve the best you possible. Start taking care of your self in whatever ways you need.

Movement is my mentor.

When I move my body, my creative juices flow. My energy goes all day, and I’m happier all day for it because I did not wake those pesky shoulda, woulda or coulda monsters up. Those little guys are energy drainers. And any time I’m feeling stuck, a nice walk and boom I’m back!

So I challenge you this week to try this simple Knockout Workout. I call it this because it teaches us to…

Knock out the hard thing first.

Watch how it shifts your whole day around, you will start knocking out the hard things at work and at home first because the accomplished feeling it brings feels so much better than the regret, pain, and agony of procrastination.

Do at least one round every morning before you dress for work, work up and do more if your able. It is up to you how many rounds each day, but your strength and stamina will grow so fast it will shock you! Knocking out at least one round is your goal!

Starting is the only hard part to anything, once we get going momentum takes over and we can go forever!

Knockout this workout & knockout all the hard things in your life! When you do the hard things you become free! Knockout everything that stands in the way of your freedom! You got this! Knock’m out Tiger!

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