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Let go of “If”

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What if “if” wasn’t a part of your vocabulary? “If” is just a wish unfulfilled. When we are planning our happiness on a circumstance or an outcome, then we will never find it. Instead, let’s be happy where we are, right now, enjoying the here and now, loving the journey! To love where you are you have to BE your very best WHERE you are.

We can’t wait to be happy until….something, we have to CHOOSE happiness in ALL things! Don’t say I’ll be happy “if” this or that happens. If we live on “if’s” we may just miss the amazing journey we’re on! When we only focus on the end, we might miss the turns we are supposed to be taking!

Don’t worry about where you are right now,
Be your best right here and focus on where you want to be going,
and start working towards that.

Who do you want to become? Start becoming them! It just takes little shifts in our lives, to get to where we’re going. But be careful that you’re not taking shifts away from your goals instead. The one step forward and two steps back mentality is such an exhausting path to take!  Good things are waiting for us to find them. What kind of person do we need to become to have all those “if”s that we have been focusing on come true? What do we need to do to get ready to receive all the good things into our lives?

Step 1: Allow good things to happen

Be very careful that you are not one of those people who block good things from coming into your life. Sometimes we believe we don’t deserve good things. We wish them for others but when it comes to us we push good things away, let them pass us by, or give up on them and let someone else whom we think deserves it more than us to take it. When we don’t feel that we deserve good things, we often sabotage to make sure we are “right,” to prove that we don’t deserve good things, or good things never happen to us. We sabotage relationships, diets, good habits, jobs, everything really. It’s a very dangerous game. Have you ever said or thought something like…”things are going too good, something bad is bound to happen!”  This is a sure-tale way to find out if you are a self-sabotager. If this is you, it’s time to sit down get honest with yourself, write a list of all the reasons you feel you don’t deserve good things. Spend some time forgiving yourself for ALL the things that you have been punishing yourself for years and let them go, forgive others who have hurt you along the way as well, let those things go as well. Be free to live a good and happy life. We were always told to forgive others, but we also have to forgive ourselves for whatever we are punishing ourselves for, thinking we don’t deserve beauty in our lives. We do. Everyone deserves beautiful things, beautiful people and beautiful opportunities in our lives. 

Step 2: Every Opportunity leads to another opportunity.

Take the new adventure, the new job opportunity. Meet the new person, take a new road, you never know where it will lead. Every opportunity leads to another opportunity if we allow it. Adventures await. They are waiting to be had, amazing people are waiting to connect with us. There are things in our lives that are meant to happen, just to lead us to the next step. Some things and people are long term and some are short term. Always be looking ahead for the next adventure. When things get stale it’s time to seek out the new opportunity that is coming your way. Remind yourself every time you’re feeling stuck this one rule and your eyes will be opened. Every opportunity leads to another opportunity! Even if you’re in a job you hate, for now… pay attention for the next opportunity that is coming along, it could be in the next customer you serve. maybe they notice your smile and want you in their amazing fun and happy company… but you have to show them that smile for it to be seen, make things happen for you instead of letting things happen TO you – Let your light shine so opportunities don’t pass you by. Be different, be amazing. stand out.

Step 3: Be excellent on YOUR LEVEL. Then work on OUTGROWING your position.

We all should be growing and learning at all times. Heads high, hearts open, eyes receptive to all things happening. Others may be jealous or even try to drag us down. It’s not our problem it’s theirs, they have the same exact opportunity to be their best as you do and they are choosing not to. They are not your future, you are. They have their own futures to worry about. They can choose to align with you and go for a better life together or get left behind. It’s that simple. You are going places, and you will not get to the end of your life saying what “if” I had done this, or tried that, or talked to her or him. We choose to live a life of not having any “what if’s” regrets – or any I’ll be happy “if” sayings. We will have tried it all, lived a fulfilling and happy life knowing we did your best and explored life in every way you could.

Step 4: Don’t waste energy on wishes, make plans instead.

Find out what your true purpose is. Follow the clues to what excites you. Take mental notes or even better– write notes for a month on everything that makes you happy  things you like, smells, sounds, songs, people, environments, whatever and find the link that puts them all together. That is your purpose.

When it is your true purpose – It can not be stopped.

When we discover our purpose it wakes us up at night, it lights a fire in our your souls, we will talk about it with excitement and bursting with energy, to everyone we meet! Our purpose doesn’t need coffee to get us going, it becomes our life’s purpose. We hit the floor running towards it. The purpose that we start with may just be the tip of the iceberg. But we must run towards it with all we have and it will grow and grow as we grow. If what you are doing right now does not excite you, then start finding what does, but… until then… enjoy what you have now, so that you will be ready for the next opportunity, it is just waiting for you to show effort and initiative to find it.

Step 5: Show the world what you are made of.

Be courageous, take the actions, pass the tests, go above and beyond, be unapologetically excellent in all things.  Grow your level, raise your standards, this is how character is built. Make the best of every situation. Find ways to find joy in all things even the hard ones. Every part of our lives is important, good and bad. Situations and circumstances do not matter, our attitudes towards them do. You do your best not for others approval, but for your own. In the end, all we have to answer to is God. And at the end of it all, we want to proudly say – we did our best, and lived a life of no regrets.

Every moment is either a lesson or an adventure.

So what “if’s” can you turn into plans and making them happen? What things can you find joy in today, right where you are? Where do you need to grow to move up to the next step of your life? We should always be moving up, learning to fly.

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