Let them Go

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The most amazing thing God gave was Jesus. He took all of our sins upon him. How painful that must have been. And He made us whole again. 

Why do we hold onto them, or take them back? We keep our sins a pull sting, to keep them around to punish ourselves again and again. 

That is not our Job, once and done. Jesus forgives us. Why are we not forgiving ourselves and letting the sins go? Why are we punishing ourselves over and over when the sin is waiting to be cast in the sea? 

I challenge all my loved ones today. Cast your sins as far away as possible. Write them on rocks and throw them in the lake, write them on a balloon and let it fly up into the sky, write them on paper and burn them. Whatever it takes. Physically let them go. 

Jesus already took them away. Cleansed our hearts. But we have to let them go. ❤️

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