Let your Light Shine

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Your inner beauty is like the crisp morning sunlight,  shining through the forest, untouched and unhindered. Take a few moments and close your eyes and imagine the light burning bright from within your heart. Feel the light building up from inside of you. Concentrate on it filling your whole body and soul until it bursts out of your chest and starts to pour out and flow all around you.  Imagine and feel it flooding your house, your city, your state, your country and then spreading out and flooding the whole world until it all comes back around to you, overlapping on its way and coming back into your heart with all the blessings it created along the way. Touch your heart as it goes back in. Here you can keep it a while or send it back out again. Each time it goes out it growsbrighter as it gained strength from every person who’s light it lit along the way.  The brighter our lights shine, the less shadows there will be in the world. Feels amazing doesn’t it? (I recommend everyone doing this every morning as you wake, before you even get out of bed. 

“You never know how far your light shines, you just need to shine it as bright as possible, and share it and let your light cover the whole world!” 

SHINE for all to see!

As I was on my morning walk with my dear friend Milly this week, I was just looking around being grateful for all of Gods beautiful creation surrounding me. 

As I was walking and talking and the usual, I suddenly stopped and stood there staring. I just got so caught up in the moment looking at how the sun was shining through the forest, I made milly stop and look as well. I pointed out into the woods and told her to look, she didnt see what I saw at first.  So, I explained to her the beautiful thought God had given me in this moment. “We like the sun, shining through the forests of people, never knowing who all our light touches and who it doesn’t.” We stood there staring and processing that moment for a moment. I mentioned to her, “What if, we as the sun moved to try to shine on the shadows?What would happen to the places that were lit up before?” Well, they would then become the shadows… We thought about it all for a few minutes more and decided to finish our walk and talk about it. This post is a summary of what we came up with. Enjoy!  

“Sometimes in life, we encounter people who, we feel, need light more in their lives. Those who maybe in despair, lost hope in the world, or even worse, they have lost hope inside of themselves, their lights may be so dim we can barley see them, and as the beautiful shining happy people we are, we cant help but to love to help others, as it is our God-given nature.

We may be tempted to redirect our light, maybe step a little left, a little right, to shine on to those who we think need it. But, what we don’t realize is, that by moving our lights, we are taking away from those, who have already chosen to be in and grow from our light!  However, well-meaning this act is, it isn’t a good idea, because it is actually detrimental to everyone!

The problem here is, if we shine all of our light, on only one place, we will quickly scorch it and burn our own light out in the process. We would be causing them to be afraid of light in the future as well, (think sun burn). And as for us, we have to take some time off and find a way to re-light our own lights, and possibly start completely over. That does not serve anyone very well, does it?

We have to be aware as well, that maybe, we are only meant to throw a spark from afar in their direction, so that it can light their own light and they shine from within!  Or maybe it is not our light that they need, but someone else’s instead. All we can do is shine our own lights as brightly as we can… and pray that if they are meant to be there they will choose to step out of the shadows and shine.  You can not force it on anyone.

The other problem here is, by narrowing our focus on a single thing, that we think needs our light the most… we leave everyone else in the darkness, and that in turn causes our own light burn out in the process, for we need others to reflect the light back to help us grow as well. So, be good to those who shine on you from somewhere else, and also those who take your light process it and reflect it back to you- they are giving you life- as well as you giving them life!  So, Instead of moving we need to be doing whatever we can to make our own lights brighter so that all the shadows fade. Stay where you are and shine on. Shine, refill, shine!  That is our jobs!

But, What if…

What if… we taught everyone how to shine from within their selves? What if we lit them up and taught them how to light others up? What if.. we taught others how to continually feed their souls so that their own lights never grew dim? Would that not be the best answer of all? Have you ever been in a dark room where one person lit a candle, and used it to light another’s, and in turn, each person who’s candle was lit, lit others up as well? As you watched and saw everyone light everyone’s candle, you notice how much faster it went, and noticed how bright the room got? That is what we need to be doing on a daily basis!  LET’S LIGHT UP THE PLANET, so we burn brighter than the sun!  We have a saying here at BetterMeTribe…. Lets be unstoppable together!

“Alone we are strong, together we are unstoppable”

My Friend Tim, also a writer for BMT, explained it in this very clever way, as we were talking about this beautiful thought together.

“Let me explain what your saying and let me use our solar system as an analogy. You are the sun (of course), the person in need is the Earth and the other planets are all the other people in your life who benefit from your light.

Now imagine if all the light being generated by the sun in all three dimensions was all suddenly redirected and shone straight at the Earth. What would happen to the Earth?… It would be fried.

What would happen to the other planets in the solar system?… they would freeze.

What would happen to the sun?… well, it wouldn’t be the sun anymore. It would be a torch and would quickly become exhausted from putting all of its energy into one place.

It doesn’t matter how hard the sun shines on the Earth, a shadow will always be cast behind the Earth. The only way the Earth can discard its shadow is by learning to shine itself.

So the next time you see someone in need of your light, don’t be tempted to focus it on them… no one will win. Instead, encourage that person to shine themselves. It is the only way that they will be able to discard their own shadows.” ~Tim Newton



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