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Levels of Success

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Success is… Getting back up until we are no longer able to be knocked down. It is the blood, sweat, and tears, when no
one is looking. It is being grateful in the good times and bad. It is never stopping the grind. It is always preparing for the next level, the next step, completing the next goal. It is not stopping when things get comfortable. It is saying yes to the good things, and “Let’s do this” to the challenges. It is rolling up our sleeves and diving in. It is working hard and working smart. It is coming in early, going home late. It is not being afraid to mess up. It is following our passions, using our strengths and building up our weaknesses. It is never taking our foot off the gas. It is the place where momentum creates more momentum. Success IS a beautiful balance of all areas of our life.

We can’t have true success in only one area. 

What good is it to be rich, and sick. To have all the toys in the world and no time to play with them. To travel the world and have amazing adventures, and have no one to share them with? There must be a continual balancing act going on in our lives. Success is a full life. Not all work, not all play. Not all workouts, not all salads. And, it is definitely not all diamonds with no muck.

“I have not failed.
I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

~Thomas A. Edison

What does success mean to you? Money, happiness, family, career, fancy things, fast cars, being an expert or the best in something? How do you define success? Success is having true gratitude, no matter how much or how little we have at the time, and yet always working to make it better. It is being proud of all we have accomplished, and sharing all the lessons we have learned, telling how much we have grown and knowing that we have helped many others along the way. Success is doing what’s right when no one is looking, but success does not happen alone. It comes with a team of people who help us get there.  Some for a little while, some for life, but each with a lesson to learn.

“Alone we are strong, Together we are unstoppable.”

People often only see others success as it is now, and not what it took to get there. A diamond takes extreme heat and pressure to become all that it is. Success is the same way. What if a diamond gave up once the pressure started or when the heat went up? How much pressure can we handle or heat? Think of success like a muscle… The more you build it up, the easier it becomes.

Our success levels are directly in line with our
self-worth levels.

Wow. Self-worth comes in all forms and shows its self in all kinds of ways in our lives, from our habits to our health, to our relationships, to our wealth. How much does value does our life show that we have? The amount we value ourself shows by how hard we try to give ourselves the best.  Ask yourself this: “If I were taking care of someone that I love more than anyone in the whole world… would I give them the life that I’m giving myself now, or would I give them better? Better food, better exercise, better mental input, kinder words, more grace? How about forgiveness, love, and encouragement when they mess up?” That is how we should treat ourselves. Self-value or self-worth do not mean that you are to be selfish, no, It means that by taking care of ourselves and being our best possible self we are more able to take care of others. We can not properly take care of others if we are sick, worn out, broken or flat out broke as a joke.

Our lives reflect our value.

Ninety-six percent of people quit. Ninety-six percent of people don’t try hard enough to gain momentum or don’t get back up after they fall. They stop the moment they fail at something. Failures are lessons to be learned!! What is the difference between the Ninety-six percent and the Four percent? What makes the four percent different? Is it a choice? Yes. It’s because they feel worthy. They know they have done their best, they have fallen and gotten back up so many times that its literally just a bounce. Each time they get better, faster, stronger, they’re building calluses and it doesn’t even hurt anymore. They keep pushing, striving, failing, learning, and working until they foresee problems and hardly fail at all. They fail less and less until they’re in full momentum and everything moves forward together seemingly seamlessly!

What makes a person feel worthy? Is that a choice? Yes. I believe that unforgiveness is the number one worth nabber. Unforgiveness of others but ultimately unforgiveness of ourselves, which leads to shame, embarrassment, grief, anger, worthlessness and that makes us feel unworthy. Choose today to forgive everyone for everything they have ever done or said to you. And then yourself for all the things that make you feel unworthy. From here on every time you want to do something good and your mind by habit goes to talk yourself out of it, tell it NO I AM WORTHY! We are all worthy, it’s a simple fact. So pay attention to what holds you back? And listen to what pushes you forward. Choose to be a part of the four percent.

“Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.”

~Oprah Winfrey

We should all be reading the biographies of people who we look up to in our lives. Choose some people who are successful in the fields you want to be successful in. Say you want to own a company, read successful business men biographies. If you want to be a successful architect, singer, author, leader, traveler, fitness person, find those books and read them. Read them so that you can see the struggles those now successful people had, and hopefully learn from their mistakes because that is fewer mistakes you have to make on your own. Notice how many times they got back up, over and over again. Put yourself in their shoes and see at what point old you would have given up. It’s not all glitter and gold, it’s HARD…. but…. IT IS WORTH IT. And you will see in all of the biographies that it was so very worth it, even the hard times. You will see the sacrifices they had to make, to make room for better things, and better people in their lives, it’s astounding. But if you were to ask them, if they had to choose between all the money and who they are now because of all the hard lessons they have learned, they would ALWAYS choose the latter. One thing successful people know is that money is just an exchange. Money is a direct reflection of how many people they have been able to serve or help in some way. Someone who serves millions of people makes millions of dollars, but they have probably put in thousands of hours behind the scenes that no one sees, made hundreds of mistakes but have learned to be stronger, faster, smarter for the next go around. How many people can you serve or help in your life, how can you expand on what you are doing, or what you feel called to do to help as many people as possible? The one thing that all successful people have in common is… They never gave up. 

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career.
I’ve lost almost 300 games.
26 times, I’ve been trusted to take
the game winning shot and missed.”

~ Michael Jordan

Our own success depends on whether we give up or we keep going. What level are you willing to go to? How many shots did Michael Jordan miss in his own gym, down the street at the court, in the games with his friends? How many countless hours did he spend practicing on his own, shot after shot, miss after miss, with no one around to see? What if he had given up? We would never know his name. Becoming the Greatest basketball player of all time took many, many fails, many misses, many let downs, many disappointments.


For the last two years, I have been studying the success of people whom I admire. I have been reading their books along with the books they recommend, the books that made them who they are, I have been listening to podcasts, attending the events, watching the videos, AND Doing the work! And my life is showing it. So much has changed just by deciding to do better. I have “I am worth it” written on my mirrors. I have amazing books all around the house in various places. My family and I are all doing it together, the amount that I have grown, they have grown. I started this journey with a talk to them, letting them know that if we don’t grow together, we will grow apart. And I had grown so much that It was putting a gap between us, and I could no longer go back to who I was. My eyes had been opened. My soul had been reawakened, and my fire burned uncontrollably within.

I filled my cup to overflowing and have been pouring it back into anyone who will listen. I see so many people that want it and need it. I have noticed a reoccurring pattern in people’s success. It seemed once they reach a certain point… they would stop.  When we take our foot off the gas, when things get comfortable, very quickly everything will come to a halt.  We have to have our goals lined up so that when we cross one off we are headed to the next one. Think about someone who worked very hard to become someone or something they had always dreamed of. Once they “made it” they become comfortable and stop trying and eventually lost everything. Take a marriage for example, when dating people are trying to impress, they get dressed up, wash the car, go to fancy dinners and wild adventures. They work very hard to stay in shape, presenting their best selves to the other person… then… after marriage it all stops, and after a while, the marriage usually ends. Or someone who wins the lottery, they stop working and are broke within the year.  Why do people arrive at their goal and stop? It’s usually not as epical as people imagine. The journey is much more fun… and you will burn out… UNLESS you have another goal to keep going towards. If the marriage had a next goal of making it five, ten, fifty years, then they would keep dating, keep adventuring and keep showering! ha! If the worker wanted to get to next level, run and then own the company one day, they would not get lazy in the first comfy chair they sat in.


It’s so much harder to stop and start up again, than it is to keep moving. Once you’re going strong, its hard to stop. Momentum is the key!

The one main thing that successful people have are lists… Never ending lists… of plans and goals. They don’t dream or wish for things. They look at the end result, make a list of all the steps it takes to get there, and then that becomes their plans, their to-do’s. The list is ever growing, for every three things checked off a list, five more are added. They have a daily plan, a weekly plan, a monthly plan, a yearly plan and a five, ten, fifteen-year plan. They know how to set measurable goals and top them. A successful person will never stop adding to that list. It’s rewarding, not exhausting.

These are not honey do’s these are breakthrough lists.  

I challenge you all to make a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly & five year plan. Do it in all areas of your life and get to work! It’s so worth it.. YOU ARE SO WORTH IT. Maybe start with a list of why you are worth it too;)  <3


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