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A friend of mine shared a story that touched my heart so deeply And I’d like to pay it forward and share it with you. (Most of this is my version of it all and how my heart and soul translated it into my own life and what I see in the life of others. But let me first tell you about my friend…

She is truly one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, inside and out. She is a hero, one of my heroes for sure. She uses public platforms to teach and love so many people to love themselves and become the most amazing versions of themselves as possible. She has truly been an inspiration to me and has helped me and thousands of others empower themselves to become better people every single day. She is one of my greatest heroes and is changing the world by bringing good things to all people. She has encouraged us all to do the same for others. (And no she did not pay me to say that! haha That is straight from my own heart and experiences with her.) So if you think one person can not change the world you are wrong. 

One person can start a revolution
that changes many,
who in turn change even more.

Ok, now onto the story she shared…

[Context: My friend so preciously pours out her life into us on a live video. Each morning she shares something on her heart as soon as she wakes up, before the day gets rolling and a snarky comment was made that she didn’t look good because she didn’t have make up on and her hair done yet.]

And instead of getting mad and defensive and telling them a big dump truck load of “you know what’s”… like MOST OF US would… My beautiful friend decided to use this as a learning experience for her own life and in doing so and sharing it with us she has taught others to do the same.

Everyone leaves ripples in this world.
We just choose what kind and how big.

The beautiful lesson that she learned in this and taught us was that…

By saying this thing as a public remark, it is teaching the others who are there that it is unsafe to be in public without doing our makeup and hair.

It’s as if the person was saying that natural beauty is something to be embarrassed of, that without makeup we should be insecure, or that we will be unaccepted without being “done up”. That people will only love us if we are perfect! Ummm NO! THAT IS BULL HOKEY! (or rubbish for my UK friends)

Makeup is only a decoration on an already beautiful face. It doesn’t tell our hearts, it doesn’t gain or remove friends. Not true ones anyway!

I’m going to take it one step further and say…

By tearing others down we say
that it is not ok for us to be ourselves,
to do our thing, to be free,
to follow our passions, dreams or purposes.

What I want to say to you all today, if you get nothing else out of this is…

We are all beautiful with or without make up!
With or without fancy clothes, cars, high heeled or fancy shoes, AND with or without fat, freckles, wrinkles, scars.

Our beauty comes from within and should be freely and MASSIVELY poured out into the world. Things are not who we are. They are only things, decorations. Who we are is completely on the inside. It is our souls, it is our hearts, it is our lights that we shine on the world. There is NOTHING more beautiful than a person who’s light shines far beyond their bodies. 

Looks don’t mean a thing,
How we make others feel…
Well, that means everything!

Let’s all make the effort to not bully anyone anymore. To not to let any negative thing cross our minds, or come out of our mouths to tear anyone else down, to make them feel unsafe – that is the definition of being a bully. Tearing someone down does not lift us up. Instead we should send them love. Send them appreciation. If we feel someone is above us they are not. They are just on a different path.  By them following their dreams, they have shown us that we can also follow ours! Thank them! Learn from them.

When we become better people ourselves, we no longer are jealous of others, we begin to recognize the same fights in them because we know the struggles.  We appreciate the journeys and learn to be confident in our own skin. We become ok with what makes us unique and in turn what makes others unique. We begin to celebrate our differences. Learning from each other instead of comparing.

The truth is… most of the time haters don’t even hate us. They hate themselves. They are fighting a war inside of them so big. They have been bullying and tearing themselves down for years. If you are a bully to yourself and others, Choose to stop. Win that war! It is never ok to tear others down, and it is definitely not ok to tear ourselves down either. We are to be our biggest fans, so that we can become the fans of others. We cannot genuinely lift others up if we don’t lift our own selves. Most people would stand up to a bully if they saw it,

Stand up to the bully within and kick that fool out! 

If we don’t love us, no one else can either. Stop tearing yourself down. You are not meant to be a bully!  You are amazing. Celebrate everything that makes you you and everything that makes others them. Uniqueness is Beautiful. And we are all unique and all beautiful. Find the beauty in everyone. Especially you. <3

P.S.  If you would like to meet this supergoddess in my life you can follow here at and all social media @LoriHarder. Your life will be extremely blessed by her heart, beauty and wisdom. P.S. Do the meditations!

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