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Love Heals

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Love can heal all things, including us.

Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes people are mean. Sometimes jobs suck, bosses are jerks and the world seems to be raining nonsense on our head and feels as though everything is spinning in the opposite direction. Sometimes we feel like the world is going against everything good we are trying to do and it feels like we are fighting to paddle upstream… in a tsunami some days! It is OK we have all been there.

We all have those days, weeks, and sometimes what feels like years! We have been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. But it’s in these times that our biggest growth spirts happen, the best lessons are learned, and we learn the difference between things that need to be handled head-on, and the ones that may need more of a gentle zig-zag around motion. However things are handled, Be ok with it. No matter the situation, if we handle it in love, surround it with love, and surrender to love, it will always come out better.

We can not control the world, nor other people,
we can only control us, how we act and react and ultimately
how much love we put into ALL situations.

What if we can all make an effort to start each day with things that fill our cups until they overflow and chose to intentionally pour our cup of love into every person, situation, and moment of every day? We would be invincible, unstoppable and limitless, and the whole world would be a better place!

Love is the shield, the protector, the provider, the helper, and the healer.

Choosing Love in ALL situations WILL heal the world. But, choosing love within is the ONLY place to start. Choosing love within means forgiving things we have done in the past, forgiving our thoughts, and forgiving our actions as well as our inactions. Forgiving others and their trespasses against us. Letting go of any and all grudges we hold deep inside against anyone, including ourselves.

Realizing, releasing, removing and forgiving disempowering thoughts, actions, and habits. Don’t forget the name calling, our I am’s, and stories that we tell ourselves. Protecting any and all words that come after “I AM” with our life. Erasing any self-thoughts, self-feelings, self-labels that are not uplifting, empowering and beautiful.

The words you say after I AM are what you will become your truth!

We can only love and be loved to the extent that we love ourselves inside. Let me say that again, We can only love and be loved to the extent that we love ourselves inside. The more we treat ourselves with love, forgiveness, and grace, the more we allow others in who will treat us the same ways. If we want to be treated better from the outside, we have to start treating ourselves better on the inside. We will only allow others to treat us how we treat ourselves from the inside.

Forgiveness starts with self.
Love starts on the inside of us and flows out.

If we are a self-abuser, a self-bully, a self-insulter, chances are we are allowing ourselves to be abused by others, staying in abusive relationships or in abusive workplaces. If we treat ourselves the way we should be treated, as princes and princesses of God, who is Love and made us in love, to be Love, for ourselves and others. If we treated ourselves as the masterpieces we were created to be, then we should surely have no bad word to say about something so beautifully created in love by the Almighty God! Should we?

So, in every situation, from this moment forward, will you take this vow with me? (write it down and share it with us)

I _____ vow to cover myself, my family, my workplace and my entire world in LOVE! (add in things that need extra love)

Signed Prince(ss) & Loves Masterpiece  ________

Know that how we act and react controls our world. Even when we come across the meanest ogre around, we can show them love, and when it doesn’t seem to be working in the moment, the seed has been planted and may need time to grow and break through that rough and rugged shell of theirs.. or ours…. yes, sometimes the ogre is us. But not anymore. We said the vow, we broke free from that rigid shell and through love, became something beautiful!

Remember, when someone treats us badly, it’s a reflection of the war they have inside of them, with love we can recognize that war inside of them because we have fought that battle many times ourselves. But, we have slain the dragon, quenched his fire, and saved the damsel in distress (ourselves). When we look at others with love we know that it’s not about us, it’s about them and we are filled with compassion for them.

It comes down to one simple truth, I can only control me, myself and I. We control our actions and our reactions, our choices, our thoughts, and our stories. If someone is having a bad day and snaps at us, we can snap back or show them love and grace. Which do you think will end better? One will make them and you have a worse day, and then probably create a lasting rift between the two of you, that could last for decades, and only grow to make every interaction afterward an awful painful and annoying mess where you both over analyze every thought action and email! And create a fight based on assumptions that never ends and is not based on any truth. ORRRRR, you can choose love, walk up and hug them. Don’t say a word. Just hug, and walk away. Or whatever you need to do to lighten the mood or help them, creating a loving bond and a lasting relationship for all time. Which do you choose? Each is a choice. I Choose Love. We can Choose Love. 

Love conquers pain,
Love heals wounds,
Love mends fences,
Love dissolves walls.

Once I was working at a newspaper and there sat across from me was the most rigid person I’d ever met- the sales (dragon) lady. Every day the dragon breathed fire at me and everyone else with snarky comments, back-stabbing, and just downright nastiness and chaos every day. And, if you know me or have read any of my writings at all, you know I’m very empathetic and deeply feel everything, and am very allergic to negativity. So, after months of coming home feeling helpless and hopeless and crying into my stress-eating food-of-choice, a plate of fried cheese. One day, I became fed up decided to change it. I had two choices, quit or fix it. And being an over-achiever, quitting was not an option.

So, I first started bringing in roses for all the women in the office. I bought them for the other ladies as a peace offering for having to deal with the office monster, and to the dragon as a peace offering to help ease the tension. Every Monday, I would bring in a fresh bouquet for everyone. Soon the giving spirit became contagious and other ladies started bringing in baked goodies, flavored coffee, candy, and other little things that helped cheer the office and bring people together.

One fine day, the office monster asked me to come out on one of her smoke breaks even though I don’t smoke, and she burst into tears and asked why was I’m so nice to her, no one is ever nice to her. I told her I love her, and I choose to love everyone and I believe everyone just needs love, the ones who hurt the most need the most. She cried and told me of some terrible things that had caused her to put this rigid wall up and not let anyone else in. She had built her own prison, and I had climbed the walls.

As a friendship was built, and in love, I jokingly asked her why she was so rotten to everyone. Her reply was, “Everyone thinks I’m a monster so I might as well live up to their expectations.” I thought about it for a moment and gently replied, “What if you changed your story to say everyone loves me and live up to those expectations instead.” “Wow, I never thought of it that way, that would definitely change everything,” we talked about that for a while and how changing our story would change how we behaved.

You see, she was living in reaction to what she thought and assumed others would think of her, and after much discussion, She revealed that it was what she thought of her self and how she assumed others would think of her, and vice versa. It all became one thing and was all off assumption. And with this realization, her walls came tumbling down. Her prison became her castle, and the dragon became the princess. She changed her life by changing her story. What story can you change in your own life?

We create our own stories,
When we react on our stories
they become our realities.

By doing some serious self-evaluation we can all turn our prisons into our castles, we can become the kind and wonderful leaders of our worlds that we are meant to be, helping and loving everyone in our path. Not because they deserve it (even though deep down everyone does), but first because they need it! How can you wrap yourself, and your world in love today? There are so many forms of love, and I’m sure you can think of more. Kindness, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, grace, service, gifts, a smile, opening the doors, paying it forward at coffee or food places. Allowing others who are clearly rushed to go ahead of you, learning peoples name, complimenting them. Sharing your world with others, asking of theirs. Being genuine and caring to all you meet. Love them.

There is no scar too deep,
heart to broken,
wall too high,
hurt too much,
anger too fierce that
Love can not heal. <3
Heal the world
Heal our Souls
with Love.
Just Love <3

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