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Shine On

We are a whole month into the 2016 year! Isn’t that exciting!! How are you doing on your goals? Are you making progress or falling off the wagon like 95% of the world? Good thing about the wagon is that its back is open- and it’s easy to jump back in! Plenty of room by now.

Focus on your goals. Be that obnoxiously awesome person who has their goals written in eyeliner on the bathroom mirror, who has post-its everywhere around the house reminding them to focus on their goals and dreams repeatedly every day!

Try this- on the coffee pot put a post-it that says…. TODAY IS THE DAY I WILL-(insert whatever affirmation here that will inspire you or get your butt in gear!). One on the microwave that says “I am abundant in love, peace, joy, wealth and health and will share this abundance with everyone I meet.” Repeat that over and over until you hear the beep. Put one on the fridge that says, “I feed my body with love and give it only the best.” On the mirror write, “I am a beautiful creation made by God himself to make this world a better place,” or “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” On your computer: “I am a focused intelligent kick butt person who brings awesomeness to this place.” On your treadmill: “I’m bringing sexy back.” I have one by my bed that says  “I am enough.” Simple yet powerful.

What love notes can you leave for yourself throughout your day? Share with us in the comments 🙂

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