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Hurt people, Hurt people… meaning, those who hurt others are hurting inside. They have lost hope and have lost their way. They feel so much pain inside that they want to take it out on others, to release it, but that doesn’t work. They have to let it go from within. When we hurt others it only makes us hurt more inside. It adds to the pain, the shame, and guilt.  It all comes down to not feeling loved, not feeling enough until emotions are so “turned off” that you feel numb inside.  But that doesn’t really happen, it just adds to the pain. The pain we hold deep inside is what is hurting us. What do we need to do to let that go? Forgive others? Forgive ourselves? Forgive the world? How about we turn it into love? By finding the love of ourself. We have to work on becoming someone we are proud of. Hurting others does not make us proud. We have to start filling our lives with love, happiness, compassion, understanding, joy, laughter. And the peace love brings is the most beautiful thing we have ever seen. 

As Loved people, we Love people- We love because we know how important it is to love and be loved, we have the undying need share it with the world. The more we love ourselves, the more we can love others, and give completely and freely to everyone we meet especially those who are hurting. We have to fill our own cups with good things ourselves, to be able to overflow good things onto others.

Love is the most beautiful and magical thing.
The more you give away, the more you have to give.

Look around at today’s times and you can see a definite shift in the atmosphere around people. We are either full of joy and peace or full of pain and anger. With recent events, we are seeing others pushed to either side of the Love/Hate spectrum. How can one person be in full joy in times of trouble while another turns to anger or hate? We can not blame the circumstances, they are the same, everyone feels they are in some sort of chaos. It’s how we process this chaos that makes the difference.

How we process circumstances, is how we deal with circumstances.

Those of us who are in full joy are finding gratitude in all things, even if they’re terrible things, we find the gratitude. Knowing that things could always be worse, and that they will indeed get better. And what I feel is most important, is… that there is always a lesson or two to be learned in each circumstance or trouble, and figuring out what that is.  What do we need to learn here so that this doesn’t happen again?

Happy people are living in action, not reaction. We are taking 100% responsibility for our own part in all things. Knowing that all these things happening at this very moment were due to a series of choices made along the way. We own up to all things that we have done wrong and try to do things better next time. We live in a state of grace to ourselves and to others. 

How we treat others is a reflection of what is going on inside.

If things are not turning out like we “think” they should- Maybe we need to go back and examine where we went off course. In an airplane, if the pilot shifts of course 1 degree, no one will notice that change in direction but, He is sure to not land in the place intended. His course, the longer left unchecked will be wayyy off the further he goes. This is why we need regular check-ins with our lives.

What are check-ins? It starts with having goals written down. What goals can we write down today to be checkpoints in our lives? Yearly, monthly, weekly, daily. This helps us live in action, not reaction.

The one thing, my successful mentors have, that generally the unsuccessful people, in my life, do not have, are lists. The lists come from goals, which come from dreams.

They turned their dreams into goals.
Their goals into plans,
their plans into their daily to-do lists.
And their lives happened for them, not to them.

What can you do to find the joy within today? Who can you love, who can you share your love with to help them release their pain. To let them know it is going to be ok, and that they do not need to hurt anymore? What can you do to refill your love cup, and then overflow it onto others? What shifts can you do in your daily life that will take you back to the happy side of the spectrum? What dreams can you turn into goals, and then into plans and then, into daily to-do lists? Let’s take charge of our life. These tiny shifts in the right directions will help us get to the destination we would like to go!

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