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Haven’t you ever wondered why people go back to their old ways? They worked so hard to change their ways, lose weight, to quit smoking, drinking, cussing or whatever bad habit they have picked up. They do so well for a while and then go back to it. Do you know why? They never became the new person in their mind, never believed they were good enough or worth great things. They never forgave theirselves from past wrongs so its sort of a form of self-punishment, or self-sabotaging.

What makes us default back? We forget to change our mindset, in our heads we’re still the shamed fat kid, the smoker or drinker, the damaged goods. The person not worth changing for.  The person who thinks they’re going to die anyways of something, so who cares. To create habits in our lives it has to start in our minds good and bad habits. Every action comes from a thought, we envision it and then it becomes an action. When it becomes an action without thought, that’s when it becomes a habit. We have to reset our thinking to reset our actions. 

Most weight problems or problems with addictions can almost always be traced back to someone’s lack of self-love and self-worth. Why do people not think that they are worth taking care of?

If you don’t take care of your body…
where are you gonna live? 

Most of the time we all think that taking care of others is more important than taking care of ourselves. I was one of those people for years and years, I thought if I took care of everyone else that they would want to take care of me… Much to my dismay that simply was not true…

The best way to care for the sick, broken, poor or unhealthy…
is to not be one of them!

How can we possibly take care of anyone if we are worn completely out, broken down or too poor to be able to help ourselves? To serve others at our best we must become our best.

How about how we treat ourselves? Would you dare treat anyone the way you treat yourself or talk to anyone that way??  Most would say a big fat NO to that. Most of us would probably be sporting a big shiner or a fat lip if we talked to others the way we talk to ourselves. STOP IT!!!

If you don’t have anything nice to say…

~said everyone’s mother ever… or maybe just mine 😉

Start talking nice inside and out, become your best caretaker, become your best friend, mom yourself even. You are the only one who truly  knows what you need. Stop, feel and listen to what YOU need, if you need alone time, find it; If you need friendships and connections find them. If you need a beach, find it! Whatever it takes. No one can bring us happiness, it has to come from within. It is not fair to put that burden on anyone else. It would be nothing but a let down on all accounts.

If you’re sacrificing your own happiness trying to make everyone else happy, it will be a hugely wasted effort! The truth is your happiness matters, to everyone around you, just as their happiness matters to you. If you’re not happy, they never will be. And if someone you love isn’t happy you will never be. You can’t force happiness on them, they have to choose it, and you being happy inside is a step in the right direction to their happiness as well. I’m sure you have heard the saying…

If momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.

RIGHT!?! Your happiness matters to the world. Make sure it matters to you. It doesn’t make you selfish or narcissistic. It makes you strong, secure, a better person, a better friend, a better parent, better worker. Better all around. Don’t Worry, Be Happy. and I hope it gets the song stuck in your head 😉

Change Your Mindset, Change Your World~ BetterMeTribe

So, It all starts in our minds, we can lose all the weight or make life changes but if we don’t fix our broken minds that got us to the place of a broken body or the broken life, then nothing will stay. Fix the source for permanent changes. It also is massively important to surround yourself with people who help you become who you are trying to be, and not holding you back. Find your people and build your tribe. We would love you to become a part of ours! <3

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