No Habits, Only Choices

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One amazing thing that I have learned in this tremendous self journey is that “There are no habits, only choices” and we are in control of each and every choice, thought, action that we take. And taking one choice at a time is far less overwhelming! Asking yourself simple questions like…

Is “this” thought, action, choice for me and my goals or against?

Is “this” thought, action, choice, empowering to me and my future or disempowering ?

Simply put, if it doesn’t align with our goals it shouldn’t be allowed in our lives… at all. Because when we choose against ourselves and our goals it feeds the inner shoulda, coulda, woulda, monsters. When they come out to play, they do not play fair, they bring us nothing but shame, guilt and bullying. They are NOT NICE. So stop feeding them, listening to them, catering to them. YOU ARE WORTH MORE. 
When we choose against ourselves we are feeding the inner monsters, making them feel bigger and stronger than us. Never give into a bully, it gives them more power.  We are so much bigger, smarter, stronger, than our problems and the labels and excuses that we have been using to keep us small. We HAVE to put them in their place. Choke them out with positive declarations, affirmations, mantras. Show them who is the boss of you. YOU ARE. 
Problems are mere freckles in our lives, mere stars in the big beautiful sky. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture, it is what makes us, so amazingly, beautifully us! Taking a step back and seeing that the huge problem in front of us, derailing us, is not so big at all. It isn’t even a habit, it is a choice.
A habit is mindlessly doing something, an addictive practice or an automatic reaction. We can not go through this life on auto-pilot. It is driving us off cliffs. Turn it off. Become aware of any and all things that are going through your mind, body, or heart. Choose it if its good for you, Choose again if it is not.
Take notice of all things and become aware that this one thing, this one action, thought or feeling that was once called a habit, is not in fact our choice?  Take notice how this one tiny thing that can empower or disempower us, and it’s after affects that it creates. One choice so incredibly small in the bigger picture, but this little seedling has the power to grow into something so amazingly big, good or bad and create such a huge ripple effect in our lives. If this tiny choice can make such a huge impact for our future, then its worth choosing it right?

We ARE worth choosing the right thing.

Even when we choose wrong, because we are human and we will, we ALWAYS have the choice to choose again… and again… and again until we get it right. The wrong choice always becomes far more work than choosing the right thing in the first place. What is it in your life that you need to make better choices on? Food? Relationships? “Habits”? Are you on auto-pilot in life? If there is anything in your life that is on auto-pilot chances are, you are not enjoying it anyways or you wouldn’t be mindlessly doing it anyways. Stop the cycle, wake up, if it doesn’t bring you joy, it no longer belongs to you or in your life, give it up for someone who can find the joy in it. 

There are people wishing for the very things we are taking for granted.
If you aren’t in total gratitude for something, give it up to someone who will be. 

Just unplugging from auto-pilot and becoming aware in everything is key, Start to enjoy your life again. Write down all of your supposed habits that you can think of. Start replacing them with adventures instead. Remove what no longer brings you joy from your life, or take it out of mindless habit mode and up level it. Awareness is the key to everything, it is not to beat ourselves up, it is to become aware, and choose again, when we find ourselves making bad choices, or numbing out. Self-awareness means you own your 😎and your 💩, and you DAD GUM CELEBRATE THEM BOTH for the lessons they bring. Each time we choose good, or choose again until it becomes good,  WE WIN! Learn the lessons from both sides and move onward and upward.

When we mess up, thank it, forgive it and change it.

Like the story of the 2 wolves, (you can google it if you want to read the whole story) basically an old Indian man is sitting by the fire with his grandson and he is telling him a story- “There are two wolves fighting inside us all. One wolf brings war, judgement, anger, hate, jealousy, envy, turmoil, and self abuse, and the other wolf brings peace, love, joy, happiness, humility, honesty, honor, kindness and self love and the likes.” The boy asks “Grandpa which one wins?” “The one you feed the most.” Says the Grand father.
So ladies and gents… Which wolf are you feeding? Which one do you want to grow?
Who is ready to draw that line in the sand and say NO MORE HABITS only CHOICES! My only choice now is to surrender to LOVE! If it is not loving  it is not for me!  I know I am, I have been drawing this line for quite a while now and adjusting it as my world expands and my personal boundaries become more solid safe spaces. Sure we trip and fall across the line now and again, we are human after all, but the sooner you step back onto the empowering side, Your empowering side, the less damage it makes, the less mistakes we have to clean up.
Draw the line again and again, move it when needed, when someone kicks it, or challenges it, hold it tight.

You are in charge of you and your choices.
Do they align with your soul, your goals, your future, your purpose, your creator?
If not, you know what you need to do. 

GUARD YOURSELVES because no one else will. It is time we RISE up and FIGHT FOR US. It is TIME to break up with everything toxic!
What are your biggest “habit” struggles? Share in the comments and let’s see if we can’t change those bad habits into great choices instead! <3
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