One word. You.

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“What do you need the most right now in your life, think of a one word answer.

What is it?

Let’s meditate on it.

But, before we start I have a secret to tell you. We already have all we need already inside of us, straight from our Creator, we already ARE that thing and it IS us!

Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths, 5 seconds in, hold it, 5 seconds out, hold it. (After reading this of course;))

During these breaths say the words “I am” in front of your word, become the thing you need the most in your life right now.

At the end of your 10 breaths, imagine being completely filled up with your word. Let it shine out of your chest and up to the heavens to fill the sky fully and allow it to rain down on the world, give your gift to others. Keep going, until the whole world is covered. You know you are done when the sun shines back down on you.

My word? Love.

Some others were, trust, peace, care, wealth, abundance, joy, happiness and more.

Try this short meditation. It’s beautiful. What is your word? What do you need more than anything right now? Share in the comments, let’s see if we can send it to each other!

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