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Problems, who doesn’t have them? They come at us in so many ways. This last week for me, well, let’s get real, this last year for me has felt like I was standing in front of the ball machine at the batting cages, and the balls think I am the bat!

From an emergency appendectomy that never healed properly, to health problems, to random sicknesses, out of the blue allergies to everything under the sun, marriage strains, family dramas, family dramas, oh… and some more family dramas, I got to the point where getting out of bed was scary. At least I could control my dreams! Because real life felt out of control.

We can’t avoid all problems, some we can, but not all, and that is ok.

Problems are opportunities to grow.

You see, I don’t have time for problems, and neither do you. If you do, then you may not be living in your purpose as you should. For me, I feel like I am booked solid 24 hours a day, and still, people, as well as myself, keep adding things for me to do!  Between writing a book, remodeling our home, building teams and fundraising for our trips to Africa 3-4 times a year, and editing all the thousands of photos, I take every time we go for months on end. Plus working on my side businesses, graphic design, natural healing with oils and superfoods, and soul-stirring & purpose coaching.  I also have a family to raise, a hubby to entertain, and myself to give time to.

I try to stay healthy, eat right, meditate, pray, exercise, and move my body as much as possible because when I don’t, this crazy house of cards falls. I have to put the time in to do the mental exercises I need, like taking the time to do the courses I’m enrolled in, which will enrich my life and soul.

I seriously do not have time for extra drama or problems. But they come. Oh, they come, and it seems to me that they like to call their friends over and have a party in my life all at once. Does anyone feel me? Like I’m in the middle of a football game and I’M THE BALL!

Well, I’m calling a TIME OUT!

You see, we are NOT anyone’s ball to be tossed to and fro, fought over, and slammed down when they’re done with us.

No one can have our time, energy or power
unless we allow them. 

We have to set priorities and boundaries; we have to guard our time, our hearts, and our energy as if our life depended on it because it does!

What of “all this” really matters? What of “all this” will matter in 50 years?

Close your eyes and imagine your life as if you were living in your purpose? Are you lying on the beach with a fruity drink? Are you driving a fancy car with lots of bling? Are you exploring some cave in the wild blue yonder? Are you playing with tons of kids in the yard behind the white picket fence? Are you feeding kids in Africa? Are you on stage, standing in front of a room full of beautiful souls, a room full of tears, a room full of hearts cracked wide open, helping people awaken their souls, awaken the fire inside of them?

This is my vision. What is yours? You see, I don’t need fancy cars or homes, I would rather travel and love on people than practically anything else in my life. And if I get hung up on stupid things that do not matter, then I will never become who I am meant to be. Neither will you.

Problems are here to teach us life lessons, and if we keep having the same problems come at us in life, then we are not learning the lesson. It is like we are repeating the third grade over and over… if we do not pass it, we will never move on. Eventually, we will become the creepy old man in the attic, scaring the kids. No one should have a beard in the third grade… SO LEARN THE LESSON ALREADY!!!

If we keep attracting the same kind of people, ask why?
If we keep being broke, What money lesson are we not learning?
If we keep hitting our knee on the same table, SELL THE TABLE.

Problems are opportunities to grow us, change us, and build the “muscles” that help us become stronger, faster, wiser, smarter, and better!

Stop blaming the problems and THANK THEM! 

Thank them for offering you a hand up to the next level of your life. You see, the problems are NOT the problems! Problems are neutral. We can not control anyone except our selves, and we have the choice to see problems for what they are, a challenge to figure out to unlock the next door or amazingness in our lives, or we can choose to see them as roadblocks to keep us from the amazing adventure that lies ahead.

We often use “problems” as excuses to not try, not grow, not expand our lives, our minds, and ourselves. Instead of the power-ups they are meant to be.

When we do this, we are disempowering ourselves. We are worth so much more than this. You are worth more. Stop playing small. Power up, Darlin. This world needs you to power up. Challenge, accept your life! <3

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