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Our lives are a beautiful blank canvas, and we are the painters.
Start painting your beautiful masterpiece of life!

Imagine Leonardo Da Vinci, working on a masterpiece, and suddenly someone takes his paintbrush and decides to paint on his canvas… gasp! What if he just gave his paintbrush to everyone who came into his life to paint his art the way “they thought it should be painted?” How do you think the painting would have turned out in the end? Mona Lisa might have looked more like Snoopy in a tornado.

How about our canvas? Who’s painting it? How many people have we let take our paintbrushes and paint our life? When people walk by and they try to direct or redirect our lives, we are giving them our brushes to paint our painting. They can not paint our masterpieces. They can only paint theirs.

Everyone should be too busy painting their own masterpieces
to worry about anyone else’s.

We are the only ones who should be painting our picture. We are the only ones who should ever hold our brush. Not our mothers, fathers, our spouses, friends, not even our children. It is our painting. It is our future. Our life. Not to say they are not part of our painting–they very much are. We should paint in the people that we want to be in our pictures. But we should never give away our brush. We can always paint over the ones who are no longer supposed to be in our masterpiece; we could replace them with the lessons that they taught us.

If we hand the brush over to someone else,
it becomes their picture, and it is no longer ours.

Keep hold of your brush and guard it with your life! We should be investing all of our time and efforts into painting our picture. We are in control of how we want the end result to look. We will spend our whole lives painting this picture, adding special details here and there. The end result should be the most beautiful masterpiece anyone has ever seen. Something to be hung in museums around the world and admired by all and also something to inspire all who see it, to begin working on their own paintings and creating the masterpiece of their life!

What does your canvas say about your life? What can you do to make it more beautiful? Adding more colors always helps! What can you do to add more color to your life?

Some people are terrified to put their brushes to canvas for fear of how others will view their picture when it’s done. That is not where the focus should be! It should be in the actual painting of our pictures. Your painting is done at the end of your life!

So, who cares what anyone else thinks or doesn’t think? You will be long gone! Tell them to mind their own painting, anyway! You are painting this beautiful masterpiece for you, not for anyone else. You can paint it out loud and show it to the world or keep it to yourself, just start painting it!! Your painting will become your legacy that you leave behind. For your children, grandchildren, for the world. Let it show all the beautiful things of your life. Let it show how brave you were, how bright your light shone, how many people you helped, saved and loved.

Show it to the world or keep it to yourself–just paint the dang thang!

Let’s think about the way people paint.

Some are planners. They will plan out every little detail, drawing it out, erasing, drawing again, erasing, every time something doesn’t go right they erase it and hide it. They get so busy trying to cover it up the mistakes and have that perfect picture for all to see, that they never get to use their brush. Their time is up and all they ever did was plan. So they get to the end of their lives and regret that they never got to add the colors to their painting. Are you a planner? Are you still planning? Start painting!

Others are just paint slingers. We will grab all kinds of paints and see the blank canvas and just start painting, no plan what so ever, making loads of mistakes, they just make it up as they go along.  Do you just jump and learn to fly on the way down? Sure you will make mistakes along the way but who cares right? We can just paint over them! Even though it causes lumps and bumps. Well, there may be a better way yet.

Maybe you’re a middle ground person and have an idea what to paint and then it grows into something even more beautiful by the time you’re done. Knowing that if you mess up or have a part you don’t like you can just paint over it again and fix it, or turn it into something better. You have the big idea and you will figure out the small details on the way there, adding them as you go. I feel this is the best way to be…

Have a plan, but give yourself wiggle room to create, to grow, to shift, to make some mistakes, knowing that something even more beautiful than the original plan will be the result.

Start with a dream. Make a plan, turn it into an ambition and then take the time and the actions you need to get there. Those are called the brush strokes of life, and all together they become your beautiful painting.

So, what is the big picture of your life? Have you decided it? Are you still drawing and erasing? Are you just throwing paint hoping it becomes something in the end? Or do you have a goal in mind and you’re beginning to see the masterpiece in your own painting of life?

It’s time to grab your brush and start painting
with the intention
to create the most beautiful masterpiece of your life.


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    Terrific way of looking at things!

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