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We all have those family traits, habits, beliefs, stories, mindsets, that have been passed down from generation to generations. Ones that we CAN choose, from THIS moment, from THIS generation, to keep GOING, or to STOP from being passed on. What generational traits would you like to share with your children and their children and their children; and what would you like to leave in the past, change, or forget altogether, and start a new tradition around?

Just because something gets passed down to us, passed on to us, given to us, DOES NOT mean we have to continue it, spread it, or pass it on to others. Stop the cycle. Break the Mold. Maybe there is a lot of negative baggage in your bloodline. Who says you have to keep it? Throw that junk out! Start new healthy, positive, productive, proactive, traditions that will make your family better people, with better lives, from this moment forward. Pass on love, joy, peace, faith, self-love, empowerment, dreams, roots and wings! Do not pass on any more negative things, ever.

We are not defined by anyone except us.
Cut the imaginary ropes that bind you.

Who we were, who our families are, or were, do not determine our future- good or bad. You can choose to take the good from what you have been given and leave the rest behind.  For me personally, I would like to generationally pass down to my children… a great work ethic, to always be working on something for your future, that working hard on something feels good, and also share the teaching of love and healing of animals and people to my children. And from me personally, I will pass on a strong faith, and prayer life, Self-love, strong roots, huge wings, and the ability to dream, fly, and do anything you set your mind to. That nothing can hold us back except us, and that the end journey is never where you expect it, but that it will be so much better so long as you do your best and stick to the journeys placed before them. They will know that I will always be there for them, that my love will never fail them, and that when their wings are tired they can always rest with me, and that I will always get them back up and going again. But, generationally, I would like to stop passing down addiction, negativity, sickness, drama, co-dependancy, and the using of others for personal gain then hurting or destroying them. I do not want my kids to pass those things on to their kids, nor keep that vicious and lonely cycle of life going. It stops with me. And I choose for it to not be passed on any further.

What we don’t put a stop to will eventually put a stop to us.

My family always treated me as if I were the black sheep. Reminding me often that I didn’t fit in… as though that were a bad thing. But, I didn’t want to be like them, they were not happy. Unfortunately, there were times when I so desperately wanted their love and affection so badly that I sacrificed myself to be “like them” to gain their love, but it only made me hate myself, to feel ashamed, to act like them. The truth is… If they didn’t or wouldn’t love me because I didn’t partake in their “behaviors” then they wouldn’t love me if I did either.

The hard truth is… If I didn’t partake in their behaviors, they had to examine them and that made them feel yucky inside. They assumed I was judging them for their behaviors, but no, they were judging themselves. I was not judging them- I only wanted to somehow have their love and be away from that unhappy lifestyle. I wanted to be happy, free from addiction and loved. I still do! I chose to be the white sheep. I like to be different. And I am ok with it!

All I can do is provide my own children a SAFE and clean environment. I want them to always be free of the chains that bound my family. The ones they still struggle with to this day. I wish I could save them but I can’t, I can only save me, and my children from further dysfunction. Truth is… They have to save themselves. I can only encourage and be an example to them and show them that there are better options out there. Better lives, but their self-worth and self-love has to be grown first to beat the chains of self-abuse and addictions. I want them to break free. I want everyone to know that they can break free, and everyone I meet I try to help them to do so. Everyone has some sort of chains that bind them. Mostly around fear. I have always felt called to help people break free! I still do! My whole life is revolved around giving people that freedom.

Don’t learn to function in a dysfunction.
Remove the dysfunction so you CAN function.

Do you have dysfunction in your life? Is it being passed from generation to generation? YOU HAVE THE POWER TO STOP IT! Get rid of negative things that have been passed to you. Do not accept any of them.

Anger, addiction, anxiety, pity, lack, defeat, struggle, inferiority, depression, low self-esteem, jealousy, poverty. All of these traits, that have been passed down become habits which become addictions! Smash them! Set yourself and future generations free, set them up for success.

Don’t accept the dysfunction.
Dysfunction is an addiction.
Dysfunction is a choice.
Be a difference maker.

Fill your life with positive things, positive people, positive traditions. Surround yourself with people who are like, who you want to become. Don’t let critical attitudes keep you and future generations from abundant lives!

Rise up and change the future.
Rise up and break the cycle— for future generations!
Remove the limits.

Plug into something bigger than you.

Everyone is a role model. But not everyone a good role model. Be a good role model! Pass it on! 

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