Permission to Burn

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I used to be a self-sabotager, I used to shut down in overwhelm thinking that I didn’t DESERVE better. That I didn’t deserve more. That I deserved to live in a constant state of chaos and overwhelm.


Does this sound familiar?


It takes a massive amount of self-forgiveness to find our self-worth. We are not limited to who others told us we are or are not. We are meant to be more, we are meant to do great things that no one else can do. Even when things happened to us that is not our fault, we need to forgive others of course but we need to forgive ourselves. Especially for abuse.


We often hold onto things thinking we could have done something to prevent it or stop it and that we are damaged goods. Those are not true. We, of course, did all we could and need to forgive and thank it for making us stronger, smarter, more aware and able to help others not go through the same thing. No matter the cause of us living small, we need to turn it into our strength.


Our stories are our Strengths!


If someone told you that you can’t do/be/achieve/become something, prove them wrong. Can’t sing? SING! Can’t write? WRITE! Can’t draw? DRAW! Can’t be a leader? LEAD! Follow your purpose and prove them wrong. Don’t let their limited imagination mold your life!


You see, they just were not the people you were supposed to reach with your inner message! Use them as a spring board to become what you are supposed to become, not as the bolder that you hide under as an excuse not to try! Turns out they were just a pebble in your shoe instead. Sling them out and show the world what you got!


We each have our own torches to carry that no one else can understand, except us. It starts with the fire inside our hearts that maybe no one else knows about, but it’s time to show it. We have to feed that fire with LOVE and all the things calling out to us to help it grow until it bursts out from within!




Stop living small, it’s not serving you or the world. Don’t let that fire inside go out! We are meant to be MORE! Fill your life with long burning things, love, joy, peace, acceptance, happiness, of yourself and others! Don’t allow for a second anger, hate, judgments, jealousy, or the sort into your life.


Say the two sets of words out loud and feel the difference inside!














(Eewwww that feels yucky inside doesn’t it)

These are buckets of water being thrown on your fire an giving you a thick smoke inside making us not be able to see things clearly!


Don’t expect others to understand your fire or put it out, they have their own to fire to tend to. It is their job and their responsibility to feed their own fire, we can only be examples to them. If someone is trying to put your fire out, chances are they never listened to their own and have been putting it out for a long time not being able to see through the thick black smoke inside their hearts. They feel that if they can get everyone else to play small, it won’t remind them that they are and our fire won’t re-spark theirs!





Allow that fire inside of you to burn so bright that it nearly blinds others, ALLOW it to re-spark all those fires around you! They have a mission to but need permission to burn freely! Our love and examples are what will help them give themselves permission to burn!


Be a fire-starter!


But know that their purpose is not yours and yours is not theirs! Allow them to glow where they’re supposed to glow! And the people whose ambers glow the same as yours will show up in your life, make room for them because…



Get your fire started with the





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