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What if everyone in this world started each day with the purposeful intention to do EVERYONE good. Thoughts of harm, jealousy, anger, hate, or anything less than love was never even an option?  That everyone lived in such a way that sending love, light, joy, peace, happiness was the way of the world.  That the first and foremost thought on everyone’s mind was, “Who can I bring love to today”… Every day… What do you think the world would look like if this were the case?

What makes us behave otherwise?

Why do we judge, have jealousy, anger, hate in our worlds?
Why do we allow it? Is it not a choice?

When we see someone who we think is better, different, more beautiful, smart, successful, than “what we perceive as our level” is to be. How does that make us feel? Are we happy for them, or are we mad that they are somewhere we have not gotten to yet? When we judge, we are measuring ourselves against others. We should never compare ourselves with anyone else either, other than who you were yesterday. We are meant to love each other, not judge.

Instead of being jealous or thinking negative thoughts to tear them down in our minds, we should understand that they are on a different path than us, that their journey may be farther along than ours. We have not seen their struggles. They had to be super brave to follow their dreams and fulfill any of their purposes that they have accomplished so far. But also know that they still have a long journey to go! Just as we are on our own journeys. Our journeys may look completely different than theirs. So it doesn’t even make sense to compare.

Get to know them, ask them about their journey, you may learn that they have been through so much and you may just be glad that your journey is different. No journey is all glitz and glamor, It’s mostly mud, sweat, and tears.

Try walking 1,000 miles in their shoes.

Ask them how you can pray for them and you may find their true needs instead. If it is someone we don’t want to talk to or aren’t near, instead of feeling hate for them, try sending them blessings instead. I promise that will make you feel better on the inside than any hate or bashing. Plus, when we do that, blessings will be coming back to us.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone you met said a positive prayer for you as they walked by? Start doing it to others and see what happens. On the bus, in traffic, in the office, at school, do drive by prayers or shoot others with positive thought arrows. Watch what happens, it’s like a magic miracle! Suddenly everyone feels loved, they start smiling and they don’t know why. It’s quite beautiful. I do this all the time! Be a little prayer cupid! Get out your mental bow.

Fire away!

When we have a hater we need to move away from them and send them love. We need to understand that how others treat us is generally how they treat themselves inside. They need love. The best part is… we don’t have to be near them to send them love, they send you to hate, well fire your own arrows of love back at them, you little cupid! Close your eyes and send them a huge hug from your heart. And go on about your business.

We should always take a moment to get to know others, instead of “assuming”. We don’t know their stories, but it is ALWAYS a good idea to ask them, to try to understand where they have come from. You might be shocked at all they have overcome. We need to encourage others, to look at them with love, make the effort to congratulate them for their hard work. It means a lot to someone if you let them know they will be in your prayers or positive thoughts for their journey.

Everyone we meet has something to teach us.

When we get to know others we learn that maybe we are all not so different after all. Maybe their dreams are nearly the same as ours. Maybe we are meant to do something together to get to the next step or our own journey. Treat everyone you meet with curiosity. Ask questions! What lesson can this person teach us about our own life and theirs? What joy or lesson can we bring into their lives as well? Ask people their dreams. Ask them their goals, Offer your help to others. Helping people dream is one of the most beautiful gifts we are offered. We need to always be very careful that we are never “dream poppers.” No matter how wild their dream is, try to support it, maybe their dreams have not manifested to them fully yet and they’re trying to make sense of it still. Don’t judge, just support.  Who knows maybe they are the one who helps our dreams get off the ground!

Our journeys are winding paths, up and down left and right. Many dreams come and go along the way, some turn into bigger dreams and some turn into different dreams, as maybe we were misinterpreting them, to begin with. Sometimes we will take a step alone, sometimes with a team, but one thing’s for sure – someone is always watching us. Every step. Some waiting for you to fall, some waiting for you to fly. It doesn’t matter really who is who. The ones who are waiting for you to fly are needing your courage to fuel their own. The ones waiting for you go fall, well, they just never believed in themselves enough to get their own dreams off the ground. Send them prayers and positive thoughts and help light that fire inside of them. They need it the most!

The world is hard enough!
We don’t need to be doing anything to make it harder,
not for ourselves or for others.

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