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Purpose brings Passion

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Find your passion within your purpose.

“What is my purpose”…. the leading question on every dreamer’s heart!

Our purpose is to change the world.
Well, finding out is half the fun.

You see I believe that if everyone in the world were fulfilling their purposes there would be no wars, no depression, no anger, no struggles, no starving children, no crying mothers– except tears of joy of course. There would not be much pain and sorrow, as everyone would be incredibly happy in their lives. We would not be restless, resentful, angry, or a single feeling of worthlessness. We would all feel free, fulfilled, alive, and on fire with passion, in every area of our lives. Because…

How we do anything is how we do everything.

When we give our all, we tend to give our all in everything. When we only dabble here, we tend to dabble there. When we numb out here, we numb out there. When we look at people with love, we love everyone.

They say follow your passions to find your purpose,
but I say find your purpose to live in your true passions. 100%

If we allowed our passions to flow through us and come out in our arts, our kindness, our love, our work, our relationships, our interactions, everything in our lives would flow at a beautiful rate. We would not worry about if we are doing things the right way or wrong because we are not comparing. Purposes are like art there is no right or wrong. We each have our own beauty to let out. If we are living in our purpose we are more understanding of others because we know the journey is long and curvy and uphill and down, we know the struggles, the resistance, the love, passion and all of the “push-throughs” it takes to get there. We know how much heart it takes to create something from inside of us that no one else can create, and we know how tender that heart can be at first. But we keep on because we know that is our purpose and without it, we would not feel alive.

We would be massively compassionate to all
because we know what it takes.

In a world where everyone is following their purposes, their passions there would be no loneliness, people’s passions would bring them into their tribes. Peoples purposes would align them with exactly the right people who share the same dreams who can lift each other up and help each other fly. If you were a bird, you wouldn’t act like a stone, hang out with stones and try to carry them around would you? The rock would always be convincing you that “We aren’t meant to fly, we sit, because it’s what we do, it’s what we have always done, we sit.” Do you think the stone could ever feel the dream in the bird’s heart that was naturally put there by God himself to fly? No. If you listen to and heed the advice of the stones then you will never fly. Go and spread your wings and be who you are meant to be! The stones purpose is not to fly at all, his purpose is to be strong, hard, to help someone crush goals, be a foundation, a step to lift them up, or hold a diamond within. His job is not to fly (unless someone picks him up and throws him) but, he can not fly on his own. The birds have their purposes and the stones have theirs. Both important, both right for them. Neither can do the others job, they would live a miserable, angry, jealous, resentful life would die trying. Does this sound familiar to you? Are you in the wrong job, wrong situation, wrong relationship? Are you using your passions for the wrong purposes? Are you a stone trying to fly or a bird trying to hold up a wall? Find your passions in your purpose.  

Your passions will help guide you to your purpose if you haven’t figured it out yet. Careful they don’t lead you in the wrong direction. Think about all the things that excite you. Things that take over your body and light a fire inside. Are you using them for good? Are your passions pure, dig deep and find the source of them?  Are you passionate about animals, helping people, giving back, serving others in some sort of way? Surround yourself with people who are passionate about the same things.

I know a woman whose passion for things is amazing. When she gets her mind set on something, she is like a bulldozer, nothing gets in her way. She has to be very careful to make sure that the subjects that she gets passionate about are things that serve the world and not hurt it. She can get very angry, very fast and use that passion for bad very easily. Her passion is a gift, as all passions are. How can she use that passion to change the world in a positive manner? How can we all use our passions for good? That is up to us finding our purposes. And when we align ourself with our purpose, there will be no room for hate, anger, resentment, unforgiveness… Only love, excitement, PASSION!

We are all called to Love.

Peel back the layers on your passions and find out what they are really about so that you can fully help and change the world. If you’re called to be passionate, be passionate about a subject that saves lives, like human trafficking or human rights. Maybe you’re passionate about children is your purpose is to teach or help orphans? Passionate about animals? Go volunteer at the vet’s office, dog sit or visit a local animal shelter and just play with them on your way home every day. Passionate about giving back? Try serving in a Youth ministry, Mentor or pour love and knowledge into the future generations. Passionate about traveling? Go on some mission trips! BetterMeTribe has partnered with a company to Serve in Kenya- If you’re interested in coming send us a message at angie@bettermetribe.com! This is a perfect example, not everyone is called to go Africa, but those who get excited about the mere mention of it! Because it’s their purpose, they are called to go!  What are your passions trying to tell you? What can you do to start seeking your purpose today? <3

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