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Reaching the Ocean

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Past mistakes hold so many people back from allowing self-love to flood their lives. These regrets often haunt people and simply cause their spirit to be damaged over and over again. Allowing internal turmoil to continue inside of you is a guaranteed way to stunt your personal growth journey to peace.

Why is it that so often, we find it easier to extend forgiveness to those we love, but keep that same pardon far from the reach of the person in the mirror? You are not the same person that you were yesterday, nor are you the same person that you will be tomorrow. Just as the sun replaces the stars in the dawn, envision yourself being reborn each morning– a bright, shimmering star that brings light into the world.

No person on this earth holds the perspective that you do! You are uniquely and beautifully made, and though at times the world can be cruel and cause you to forget that, it will always be an imperative truth that applies to each person in this world. Every person is here for specific reasons; you will always be impacting others, for as long as you live. You will always be important! Repeat that to yourself. “I am important.”

Every step of your journey is important. You can’t reach the ocean unless you first walk the sand. So don’t become impatient with yourself, or critical if your progress does not seem to reflect your aspirations. You will get there, so long as you take what steps you can– whether that be one or ten– every day. Take the steps.

Life has a way of pushing us back, at times. Know that you cannot control everything that happens, but you can make attempts to control your reaction. Know that, out of every situation, comes a learning experience that will allow you to grow in ways that would have been impossible without a rainstorm. You are who you are today because of the choices you have made and the influences that have impacted you. Even as you read these words, you are making a conscious choice to open the door for love to come into your life.

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