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Our Translation….

The good we find in others,
is the same good that is within us.

The faults we find in others,
are our own faults as well.

After all, to recognize something
we must first know it ourself.

The beauty we see around us,
IS our own beauty!

See the best in others,
and we will be seeing our best in ourselves.

Give to others,
and we give to ourself.

Appreciate Beauty,
and we will become beautiful

Admire creativity
and we will become creative.

Love and we will be loved.

Seek to Understand
and we will be understood.

Listen to others,
and our voice will be heard.

Despite all of our differences… all of which are really only separated in the minds of each of us… there will always be an undeniable sense of unity among us all that will continually help us to relate to one another on a much deeper level.

I would like to share a story with you…
The other day as I found myself in the supermarket, caught up in the pre-holiday frenzy, I was looking around at all the hasty people in the store, everyone in a hurry, no one smiling, or talking to each other. Everyone in their own little world. In the supermarket lines, you could see everyone acting a little grumpy.

Much like traffic, everyone is stuck in a jam, forced to sit there and think about your life through a lens of impatience. Scrolling through phones, scanning the who’s who on the magazines making your life feel either completely inadequate or much better than “those people”… However, on this particular day, something felt different.

I found myself in the usual line at Publix, but today, I felt an energy around me, I immediately felt myself perking up. I looked around and I noticed that my cashier was literally glowing with cheer. She was passing that cheer to everyone around her! I watched as the demeanor of each person would change as they got closer to her. Every person who left her line was a little bit brighter, stood a little taller, felt a little better.

By the time it was my turn, I was expecting her good spirit, and I was bursting to return to her all the happiness that I had seen her pouring out into others. It had grown so much inside of me that I wanted to give her all the happiness in the world! I felt her joy as she did her thing, and as expected she gave me a chipper, “Merry Thursday! Would you like a piece of candy?” and a beaming smile as she wrote a smiley face on my receipt and bid me very Happy Holidays. I was so filled with warmth and cheer I left the store feeling amazing, confident, on-top-of-the-world.. even in the cold, tight parking lot in the middle of “soccer-mom Atlanta”.

Even now, as I write this and I think of her, and how her energy was so electric and kind, cheery and bright that everyone who came in contact with her was positively affected and felt her love inside. #LifeGoals – I know for me and probably all the other people in her line caught that energy, and took it home to their family, friends, co-workers and even strangers as they left the store.

Don’t ever doubt the power of energy. Energy is everything- and the what you put out will be absorbed by others and carried out. Love, and you will be loved, and others will be loved and they will love others as well.

I am realizing as I get older and see more things, that other people will always serve as a mirror reflection of what is inside of ourself. Her reflection reminded others to be happy because she was happy inside. How we are feeling inside is generally what we are pushing out outside, even if we are trying to fake it, and pretend to be happy when we are a tornado inside, people know it. They know the difference between genuine authenticity and a masquerade.

How we feel inside is generally how we treat others outside.
How they feel inside is what they will receive as well.
It’s all a very delicate balancing scale and can be
tipped in either direction by a smile or a frown.

When we treat others poorly, in return we will receive that same dejection from them- and that feeling lasts for more than the second that it happened, for most people, it lasts for YEARS! When someone makes us feel bad, and we hold onto it, and allow it to fester, is a reflection of our state of, or lack of self-love. The environment we have created inside of us creates the environment in which we live. If we loved ourselves we would not allow someone’s dejection of us live inside of us. We would know that they are just reflecting what they have on the inside and we would send them love. If we deject ourselves, then we will use their behavior as a confirmation, an excuse, to keep treating and rejecting ourselves inside. We must not be giving ourselves the grace we deserve if we are hurting inside or feeling badly, lonely or tortured.

Grace is the most beautiful thing. When we give ourselves grace, we are forgiving and loving. We cut ourselves some slack, give ourselves room to grow, to laugh, to make mistakes, and most importantly to pick ourselves back up, dust ourselves off, kiss the boo-boos and try again. Grace teaches us to learn and have a safe place. Giving others grace gives them a safe place to be around us. I felt safe with the cashier in the checkout line. I knew she would never hurt me. Because I felt safe, I felt “allowed” to be happy and the undying need to return cheer to her. I left the store smiling that day and found myself smiling all the way home. Even now I am smiling thinking about it.

We walk around so guarded. We tend to feel that others are searching for the weaknesses inside of us which will undoubtedly make us show them. Most are not looking deep into us at all. They’re too busy worrying about hiding their own weaknesses from us. Likewise, though, when we search for the good in others, we will begin to search for the good inside ourselves, and when we search for the good in ourselves, we will start searching for the good in others. Our self-love will grow as we give ourself and others the grace to be human, to make mistakes, to grow, to love, to share, to be kind.

Things inside will be reflected in the way we treat others. We all imitate others behaviors in some way. Try it and see. Be the leader of kindness. Smile at others, send love, kindness, a safe place to all you meet. If you stand or behave a certain way, people will mimic it. They will notice our kindness, our stance, our attitude, and regardless of how they feel, they will return it.

What we attract and the ways we act
is what will come our way.

By treating others with grace, love, respect, and acceptance and in turn allow ourself to be treated kindly, loved, respected, and accepted. We will begin a cycle of grace that only serves to make life more beautiful. <3

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