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We’re all going to be OK, in fact, better than ever, and here’s why…

[Let me preface this post by saying that this is not a political post or rant. I believe we have enough of those floating around the internet right now, don’t we? Nor is this post meant to trigger any of the anger that we are holding inside from what is going on in today’s world that is so ready to explode out of us all. 

Instead, this is an opening up of a safe space to release it all in love. A space to talk, listen, and be listened to. This is a safe space, so drop the boxing gloves and open your arms instead, to receive and hold each other in love. Drop your preloaded argument scripts from whatever side you’re on, and pour yourself a nice cup of chamomile tea, and let’s chat.]

I believe that Love will be the only thing that can heal all of this. 

A big fork in the road has been declared upon us with only two roads ahead. Which way will you go?

On one side, we have LOVE, and on the other, we have everything that is NOT LOVE. Which one will you take? 

The path of LOVE goes uphill and looks like it would be harder, but what you don’t realize is that the view from the top is amazing, and the climb would be the most beautiful adventure of your life. NOT LOVE goes downhill, and it looks easy enough to just coast along and let someone else do the work for a while; you’re tired anyway, right? What you don’t know is there is a cliff around that corner, and the bridge is out. They were so busy arguing over the color of the bridge that they forgot to build it, and everyone is just crashing and burning in the ravine below. “Should have bought a squirrel…” (Rat Race reference.)

Surely they will rescue everyone… well, maybe… Uh oh… now there are too many to save; who will they choose to save? They tell us that they can’t save everyone and want us to prove we are worth saving, which causes everyone to turn on each other for survival.

Like crabs in a bucket, you pull each other back in instead of working together to help each other out because now there is a mistrust amongst everyone in the chasm that they will drop you as soon as they get out. Therefore no one gets out… Making it easy for the powers that be to not have to choose any of us, huh? 

Sound familiar? 

Which road will you choose? Are you falling into their trap or falling into love with humanity again? 

Doing or wishing harm on anyone is and will always be wrong. And anything not done in love will always harm others. 

Nothing you ever do only affects you.  

I’d like to believe all of this craziness is actually a new beginning, a rising up out of the pile of ashes we caused by burning each other down. Big beautiful changes and blessings are ahead; if only we can make it past the current curses. Blessings and curses are all about perspective, arent they? Either way, my dear, we are in the middle of some serious growing pains, and it hurts.

Will you continue to be wrapped up in the carnival of confusion, blindly following weird rules that don’t make any logical sense, living in the house of illusions? Or will you choose to unplug from the madness and listen to your neighbors, friends, family? And speak to and hear them out in love, even if you have different opinions about things? Differences of opinion are how new ideas are made! But that takes teamwork. 

Can we please go back to teamwork? They say it makes the dream work. And right now, everyone is too angry to dream!

The pathway ahead is OUR CHOICE. Choose love.

Which will you choose? One is made by us, for the GOOD of all of us, and the other is made by someone else, for personal greed and dirty deeds. Which would you prefer? 

No one can thrive without love being the leader of our actions. 

What happens to one of us happens to all of us. 

Unplug and feel the shift happening in the core of the collective souls of humanity. Old rules are being broken, and new rules are trying to take over, some good, some bad, and some that make no sense at all from people who are just trying to be heard by whatever means necessary. 

It sure feels like bad is winning, doesn’t it? It depends on who you are listening to. We have the power to change that and stop listening to those who want us scared.

It is time for the heroes and sheroes to rise. That includes me, and that includes you. 

The labels that are being used to divide us are losing their grip- thank God! Confusion over the lands is no longer working either. More and more people are unplugging from the noise of everything not real, by the day, and getting back in touch with their soul. 

No one even knows which side to stand on anymore. How about neither?

Stand on your side. My side. The side of kindness, humanity, love, care, and helping one another. 

We should be so much better than ALL OF THIS by now.

How many nations have fallen over the years when men in high towers allowed greed to outweigh love? Can’t we learn from history? Oh yeah, it’s being hidden, changed, misconstrued.  

I feel like this is another superhero movie, all the same plot, different colored tights. Except this is the supervillain movie, and it’s the same story over and over, with different colored flags. Haven’t we seen this all before somewhere? Oh yeah, Hitler and every other bad leader of the past that did these same things and killed millions of people. When is enough going to be enough? 

Rise up!

Where’s ole Chuck Norris when we need him? Can we clone him and allow him to lead all the countries of the world? He seems like a great option; he somehow makes everything miraculously work out and saves the good people while taking down the bad without even sweating! Shoot, I would settle for Dolly Pardon. She leads her whole life with her ginormous heart! I would totally vote for her. What a dynamic duo that would be. NorrisPardon2024 anyone?

But, hey, let’s be serious for a minute, though. 

A new way of life is arising. And whether it is good or bad, it is truly up to us. 

And the sooner we all come to realize that we have the power to change it all, the better the whole world will be. 

A few months ago, I heard a podcast between Christine Hassler (who is awesome btw- follow her) and Jade S. Luna, an astrologist, on predicting the future, and he called out quite a few things that have now come to pass…  

As for Astrology, I don’t know enough about it personally to have a belief on it one way or another. I do believe and know that some people have the gift of prophecy, each expressing it in whatever way that is received that aligns with them. 

I also believe that God gave us fun clues and puzzles for us to figure out and those who pay attention see them. I also know that stars have been used for thousands of years as a clock, and record of patterns, so in looking back, we can use the patterns to look forward. However, whether you believe in astrology or not is not the point of this post at all. 

In the interview, Jade talked about a strange phenomenon, a season of total unrest (2020 anyone, a clash of good and evil, the good coming from the people, not the leadership). He calls out the weather transitions, saying we would have to learn the hard way if we keep fighting against it and refuse to reconnect to mother earth. He said that (she is) rising up the feminine power inside of us, (yes, dudes have feminine power too- it is what makes us all care.) Calling us to come back to nature and stop the artificial living. Giving us permission to pause and refill our souls and overflow into each other. She calls us to love, calling us back to unity… with each other, her and our creator. 

I believe that mother earth is a living, breathing thing that we have hurt, oh so badly, and she is a part of us, and we are a part of her. I also believe that Father God did not create us to hate each other-ever. Hate is poison from our stupid egos. Listen to me when I say, 

Ego is NOT your amigo. 

We are only supposed to love each other, care for each other, help each other, and receive just as much as we give. I believe that everything that is not love, is not of Him, nor from Him, and is also not of us, nor for us. 

Jade also said that “confusion is just an illusion” stating that organizations create misinformation and conspiracies to hide the truth of what dishonest people are actually doing. And he gives examples. It’s pretty eye-opening. 

It is no secret that we are being tricked; I know you see and feel it too, and it makes you angry down to your core. He says “not to worry, we will come out of the cloud of confusion and see the truth.” He says “after a few years of unrest; there will be peace and love in the world again.” I know am ready for that, and I bet you are too. One thing that he said that really stuck out to me was…

“We grow through turmoil.” 

Globally we are now more confused and frustrated than ever. The media would like us to think we are more divided than ever– but, that isn’t true either. Unplug, and talk to one another, be willing to hear the truth. 

When we believe the lie, we empower the liar.

He also said that 2021 would be the year of migration. 2022 would be the year that good rises up against evil, and by 2024 everything would come to a head, and healing would begin again. 

I believe we are all called to heal the soul of the world in a way that only we can…

Currently, she is feeling very betrayed, heartbroken, and quite unwell—all of our toxic behaviors and spewing of hate wound her more and more every day. 

We have to stop this. We have the power to stop this. 

Suppose we all unplugged from everything unreal and synthetic and get back to the natural way of things. 

The things that matter, love, connections, relationships, respecting, and taking care of one another, because

When everyone takes care of everyone, then we too are taken care of…

…by people who know our name, know our needs and feel our heart in theirs. 

How about we actually start talking with each other instead of at each other. We can heal– ourselves and each other and see that it really isn’t all that bad out there. All this fear that the media is pushing on us… isn’t real. It’s just the boogie monster. Turn on the light, and he goes away. 

Turn on the light in your soul, and all the darkness of the world will flee from you. 

Are there problems in the world? Yes. Because we are humans, and we learn by making mistakes. Instead of feeling helpless in them, let’s use them as opportunities to learn from each other and grow TOGETHER, not apart. 

Yes, everyone’s frustrated—even me, “The Pollyanna of the internet,” as I have been called. Believe me, I’m frustrated too. 

But it is OK.

We are all OK.

We are all going to be OK!

We are growing muscles inside that we didn’t know we needed. I ask myself daily, “What can I learn from this?” Why don’t you ask that to yourself as well? We are growing new wings in the cocoon of 2020/21, and it is time to break free. 

Some of us have already busted out of this nonsense and are flying freely and high above it all. We are zoomed out enough to see the bigger picture, and it is mighty beautiful up here! When you rise above the nonsense and the noise and see the truth, we see that there aren’t as many people fighting with each other as they want us to believe! 

The squeaky wheel gets the oil, right? Zoom out and see all the others working together to make things happen while the whiner is doing nothing but destructive things to stop the progress forward. 

Zoom out! The powers that be want us scared, alone, and in the dark so that they can save us from the boogie monster that they created and so they can come out looking like a hero and demand our trust. Why don’t they just be outright truthful and show accountability in the first place, and they wouldn’t have to pull so many shenanigans to gain our trust!? Who can even keep up with the latest scheme anymore? No one! 

Even those of us who love a good, nerdy, deep research fest have learned that the only “facts” we can find now are paid political advertisements with agendas far beyond any of our scopes. No one can find the actual truth out there anywhere, and if we did, we wouldn’t trust it anyway if it slapped us in the face. We’re all feeling too betrayed and untrusting… but that is their goal, right? Total confusion, so we can’t prevent the next step of the plan? How about we unsubscribe from the madness and let the bad guys take each other down instead of you and me. 

Protect each other with all you got. When we work together, we can all be OK.

Be free from the crushing oppression of fear and rise up; use your beautiful wings to spread love, your love, all around the world. 

Jade also called out the massive stir-up of personal identities, but not to fear because it is needed to learn who we are so that we can start connecting with who that is again. 

“To learn who we are, we have to learn who we are not.”~ Jade S. Luna 

He said it is a time of global political upheaval, but it is the middle where harmony will exist. As for me? Politics are yuck. They bring out the worst sides of people- the real ugly side. Governments were made for a good reason but, the greed of power took over and ruined it. I personally believe that it is the poison killing the world’s soul, and when she dies, we die. 

Politics are a poison to the soul, poison to relationships, and poison to our world. Unplug from it all. It is an addiction of the worst kind, producing the same chemicals in your body as heroin. Don’t think you’re addicted? Great, I double-dog dare you to turn it off for an entire week and see how you feel by the end. Free yourself. I would bet that you will be shocked by how much you think about it in the beginning and how little you think of it in the end. 

FYI—You may be on their team, but darling, they are not on yours. They’re choosing money over your life too, but not their own, I assure you. Fire them. 

It is time to hire heart-first leaders to rise above the ashes of greed. I’m calling you all to rise up, all over the world, rise up.

This is not one country vs. another. This is a global problem. This is greed/power vs. heart/soul. Only one can win. Let it be our hearts and soul because death for us all is what comes from the other. 

What happens to one of us happens to all of us. 

I personally have never been able to bear the negative energy of the news media; their aggressive speech and name-calling is an instant turn-off for me. But, believe me, I research, skim articles from both sides, and hear tidbits from massive extremists to middle grounders, and everyone is blaming the other for the same things. 

Yall, it is opposite wings of the same bird. And unfortunately, that Eagle of Freedom has now turned into a Vulture of Turmoil, and it is ripping our lives apart piece by piece, starting with the heart. Whatever you do, turn off the noise and remember how to live.

Blame is a refusal to take responsibility. 

Ouch, that hurt some of you. So, let me ask you, “What are you, yes you, refusing to take responsibility for?”

For taking the wrong path, maybe? The one that took you away from love?

Let’s be honest, none of us really know what is true and what isn’t right now anyways… at all. So what are you really fighting for?

Confusion breeds mistrust. Mistrust breeds darkness. Darkness and light go to war, and it all must come to a head so that healing can begin. It is a tale as old as time. Pick your side. 

We must be the good that rises up against the evil, the light against the darkness, the love against the hate, the compassion against the greed. 

We can’t keep going on like we’re going. It is destroying us all. 

Hate is the enemy, Love is the cure. 

When we listen to each other, we can come together, and healing can begin.

Jade said loads of other things in the podcast, some went over my head, and some hit my heart. Listen for yourself to the whole podcast and share your thoughts on it with us if you like.

For now, just know, believe and receive that 

This is actually a beautiful, wonderful time that we are in. 

Yes, the snow globe has been shaken, and we’re all inside running around frantically trying to grab all the pieces and put them back how they were but, that is not where they belong anymore.  

What we were doing wasn’t working.

Everyone was exhausted, broke, and going crazy trying to “keep up” with it all. Stop it. 

Enjoy the shake-up, and it is going to be one heck of an adventure. Let go of the anchors that hold you down in a place that, quite frankly, you haven’t belonged in a while, and ride the waves. Unplug from the “rules” of “how life is supposed to be.” Who made up these rules anyway? Stop trying to stuff yourself inside of someone else’s box. Let it be their coffin, not yours. 

Be Free. Freedom is a choice. Choose it. 

Allow this beautiful new time we are in, this amazing adventure, to come in and whisk you away, knock all your dust off, and see how high and far you can fly. 

You GET TO make your own rules now. 

Let love and excitement be the guide to everything you do. 

Feel the energies inside. If it brings you joy, go to it. If it drains you, turn away.

There is no fear in this new world—only internal wisdom and excitement.

Everyone can learn about things and people. 

Let your soul lead you. Let it guide you to your new, improved life, your better home, better friends, better family. If you feel called to move, then move. If you feel called to travel, then travel; if you feel called to stay put and anchor down to be the lighthouse for those trying to find their new home, then shine on for us brother, shine on for us sister. We need you to guide us to our new home. 

Take all this free time and energy to really talk with others; the absolute truth comes from inside of us, revealing that love and safety is the ultimate goal for us all.

Knowledge kills fear.

Turn off the internet and pick up a book. The written words can’t be changed at the drop of a hat to the highest bidder. The older a book is, the more research and truth it holds. Back then, people didn’t just write anything; their reputation and career would be ruined forever if so, not to mention huge lawsuits. We had accountability then. Now, everything is an advertisement of opinion. They didn’t cheat the system, writing sensationalized headlines to make a buck, no drama-tics, just cold hard facts and the inspiring stories of heroes that saved the world and villains that ruined it. 

It is in the ashes that heroes rise. 

Also, don’t be the person that only looks up the things that support your desired outcome; look at all sides.

We must be willing to be wrong to find the truth. 

There are three sides to every story, yours, theirs, and the truth. 

Are we tired of everyone burning each other down yet? We tried shouting, rioting, hating, and my personal least favorite, insulting one another. None of that works. 

If it is not said in love, it will never be heard. 

It is time for us to try loving one another again. It is time for us to stand up. Stand up for love, in love. Stand up for each other. Fight back against all the wrongdoers of this world. It is time to fire every person who chooses money over the wellbeing of humanity. 

What can you… yes, you… I am calling you out… What can YOU do to stand up for your neighbors, your family, your friends, yourself, your tribe, and even your “enemies?”  

PSA: Someone with a different opinion is not your enemy; they’re just someone with a different point of view based on different ideas that they have been told and believed according to their own personal hopes, wishes, and desires of a better outcome for all. 

We all want the same thing. 

The problem is, none of the facts these days are facts at all. They’re sensationalized opinions fed to us by a corrupt world. Once you realize that you have been played, unplugging from the nonsense becomes much easier. 

Fight for people who know your name. 

Fight for those who belong in your heart and you in theirs. Choose kindness and humanity over greed and pain. Choose love. I am always fighting for you and never against you, no matter your beliefs. 

As always, I love you guys, and I just wanted to combat some frustrations that you guys have been sharing with me with some positive solutions to the problems we are all facing globally. I love sharing my heart with you and hearing what is on yours, even if it is the burdens you’re holding within. It is all a part of embracing our humanness. We are never helpless unless we are hopeless. So don’t lose hope. 

This tribe is a safe space for you to share anything with me and with each other. Y’all are my tribe; I love to hear your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and solutions to change the world and heal the soul within. 

Comment on this post, our Facebook or Instagram thread, or if you want to talk privately, just shoot me an email. Let me know what you love and what you don’t, and let’s see if we can come to a new agreement in love together. 

I will forever hold a safe space for you to have the deep porch sitting conversations and talk to one another again. Here are mine… I believe with my whole heart that Love is the only thing that will heal this. To love one another, we must listen, care, connect again. 

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