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Rising Strong

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It’s Friday! That means that the week is over and, hopefully, you can take some well-deserved, relaxing time spent in good company. Think back on the week and ask yourself if you did your best, and if you find that you did not, don’t produce negativity; instead, strive for a better week come Monday. Take the next few days to relax, reflect on your week, and center yourself once again.

Focusing on self-love and self-improvement does not need that you will never need anyone else. Reflect on strength and bravery, but don’t forget to reflect on vulnerability and humanity as well. Reflect on these key principles from Brené Brown’s book Rising Strong this weekend:

  1. If we’re brave enough often enough we will fall. That is the physics of vulnerability.
  2. Once we fall in the service of being brave, we can’t go back.
  3. This journey belongs to no one but you. But none of us can go it alone successfully.

Don’t let your self-journey allow you to shut others out. Give love to those in your life who have exposed you to love. Perhaps even work on forgiving those who have brought negativity into your life, because forgiving others will further open the door for personal peace. Love is the most powerful element in our lives. Let your cup overflow! There will always be enough to go around– yes, even for yourself, even for the parts of you that you feel you cannot love! Falling does not equal failure. Making the effort to get back up against all odds, personal demons, and negativity is what makes you a champion in the areas that you have fallen.

Have a relaxing and beautiful weekend. Do something you love– spoil yourself with your favorite show or a few pages of your favorite book. Take a walk in the beauty of our world, and take it all in! Spend time with family and savor every moment. Last, spend time with yourself mentally, and allow healing and beauty to flood your gates.

Brown, Brené. Rising Strong. New York: Random House Publishing. 2015. Print.

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