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The devil says

“You’re not smart enough

You’re not pretty enough

No one will ever Love you

You’re not good enough.”

The devil is not creative.

He says the same stuff over and over to everyone.

Every time we believe a lie – we give the liar power.

This isn’t exclusive to the devil. This can be people in your everyday life that the devil works through as well.

Stand in your power. Know your worth. And when you hear these lies- tell it to “shut the Freak up. Because who you are is NOT up for negotiation.”

God’s opinion of you is the only one that matters and He thinks your awesome! He looks on you sith love, He knows ur struggles, He forgives your weaknesses, He has the power to make all wrong things right again. And when He made you and I, it was good.

God says…

“You are good.

You are loved

You are whole.

You are my creation

Fearfully and wonderfully made

In my image.”

So when ever we speak to ourselves we are either complimenting or insulting God’s handiwork as well as Him😵! Speak only good things afte the words I am… you are speaking to and about God Himself!


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