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How many of us are living small because of others “opinions” of what we can and can’t do, their “opinions” of where we should or shouldnt be? Why? 

They have their own life to drive, why are we letting them drive ours? First of all… if they’re driving your life…. who’s driving theirs? I don’t know about you but… I can only drive one car at a time… how about you? 

Find your unwavering purpose and RUN TOWARDS IT!!

Take your life back from others opinions and limitations! Stand up for yourself! But, to do this… you have to know where you are going. We don’t have to have an exact plan, but we do need to have a plan, a goal! We need to set mini goals as well-

 Map out our lives. 

Say we decided to take a trip from the East coast to the West and back, and we just got in the car and drove. No direction, where ever the car would take us… and we didn’t even care where, we didn’t have a plan, didnt even try to find a west bound road. How likely do you think we would ever get to the west coast and back? 1 in a kazillion- out of complete dumb luck? No we will never make it!!

How many of us are living life like that? Doing and thinking what others tell us to? NO!! Figure out where you’re going, what is your purpose and TAKE THE WHEEL! We have to take responsibility for our OWN life. 

That is our only job! We may have some responsibity over our children, but it is OUR JOB to teach them to take their own wheels. 

Roots and Wings is what we are to teach our children. But we have to do this BY EXAMPLE! 

Show your children your roots and wings. Stand up tall in them! Allow their own roots to grow, and set them free TO FLY!!  But we first have to set your own roots, spread your own wings, and show them how to fly! 

Children learn more from what we do, than what we say. 

Life a life that you would be proud for your own kids to follow! Stand up, take back your life, take back your power! Show others how as well! Know where you’re going and how you will get there… or you will always be lost. 

People will tell you that you can’t simply because they can’t. But they are not you. You are not them. 

Break free. I wish you all long healthy roots and big beautiful wings! Fly baby fly!  

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