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Our actions that we take today, make or break our tomorrows.  It will be here before you know it and suddenly you blink and it’s already a memory in the past.

Time is an exchange… at this very moment… we are all doing something that provides us more time, more money, more happiness, more health, more action, more love, more knowledge…. or…. we are choosing to waste time, letting it wash away as if we are flushing money down the drain. We can not get it back. Once it is gone its gone. But with healthy choices, we do have the opportunity to give ourselves the gift of more time than we would with unhealthy choices.

Can you control time? No. But can you control what you do with your time? Yes. Is the future scary? a little. Is it unknown?  Doesn’t have to be. What we have to realize is… Everything we do with our time is an exchange. We are always choosing the exchanges, productive minutes or unproductive ones, happy or unhappy minutes, loving minutes or hating minutes, learning or mind-numbing minutes. How we spend each and every minute is a choice. No matter what there is always an exchange happening. The minutes go by no matter what, we can’t stop them, slow them, or re-do them, but we can choose how to spend them from this moment forward.

I have been working on controlling my time, rather controlling what I do with it. Setting schedules, having a million alarms on my phone to help me until it becomes a habit. It gives me massive relief to know that I do have the option to take control of my future.

The future is predictable by the actions we take.

You have heard the Bible verse “We reap what we sow” Well the crops of our future, will be according to the seeds we plant today, from the choices we make. The actions we take now, create the harvest of abundance for tomorrow. We can’t plant beans and expect pumpkins right?

Plant ONLY what you want to grow!

The truth is we are always planting something that will sprout and multiply with our actions. Questions is…what are we planting? Fruit producing activities that multiply into more fruit? Or are we planting weeds that will multiply and choke out all the fruit of our future?

By planting seeds of production, fulfillment, life, learning, wisdom, love & happiness, and then doing the work to help them grow, we will all see the fruits of our labor. These seeds sprout and spread almost immediately. With some nurturing and nourishment, they will keep reproducing.

Every time we procrastinate or don’t follow our dreams and goals
we are simply planting weeds.

Look at how far we have come already. It seems to me that time is going by faster and faster. Think of all the things you have done to get to this exact moment you are in right now. Shifts, moves, tiny and big changes have happened to get into this moment.

What can we do to start to appreciate every passing minute? I have something amazing to tell you, something I was told at a recent beautiful women’s retreat in sunny California…

This moment, this one right now…. will never happen again.

Once it is gone, it is gone. Time is an untamable and fleeting beast. We can not push pause, we can not rewind and change anything. What is, is. What was, was. We can correct, learn, or do something better in the future. But, we cannot take anything back, re-do anything, un-say anything, un-hurt anyone. All we can do is make right any wrongs we can and live moving forward with the knowledge that each moment is a gift.

A little boy asks his Grandmother, “Why do people have to die?
To remind us time and what we do with it, who we love, the adventures we have, the people we meet and memories we make, are important.
She replies, as she lays her husband of 60 years to rest.

TRY IT: Are you using the most of your time? Have you set a schedule for your days? Are you planning yearly bucket lists? I have set a strict schedule for my days so that I do not let time slip away from me. I also have a birthday ritual to write as many personal goals for the years I have lived. And another one on New Years for business goals. What are your goals? Let’s make them happen.

Are you mastering time or is time mastering you?

Today’s motto or mantra: 


I have shared this image with quite a few people and asked them what the image means to them and it seems to speak to everyone differently. So the question is how does this image speak to your soul? Tell us in the comments 🙂

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