Starts in the Heart…

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ChangeBeginsInsideHere’s a quick reminder for you in case you forgot! It is the most important thing to never forget and it all starts on the inside!! Ready?

Here it is…


You have to remind yourself to be important to yourself! When you make YOU important to you from the inside out that allows you to show others how important you are and how important they are. Everyone will be treating everyone better! Unfortunately, until you do, you will not be important to anyone else!

We will only be as important to others as we are to ourself.

We can not help anyone else if we are broken down, exhausted, run out and blown. Fill your heart with all the things that make you soar, reflect, Pray Meditate on them and fill your cups all the way up and overflowing!!


Work in the Overflow. Fill your heart up with everything good, dump all the bad and Kick Life’s Butt.


Keep an eye out for my upcoming book, called the Overflow Project, teaching you to work completely in your overflow! Never run on empty fumes again!

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Being the change I wish to see in the world. Day by day spreading love, joy, healing and peace into the hearts of everyone I meet and hopefully you! Keep an eye out for my upcoming book, The Overflow Project- How to fill your cup to overflowing so that you can change the world. Coming soon to a book store near you!
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