Stop Settling!

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DO NOT GIVE YOURSELF THE MEDIOCRITY AWARD! Don’t Be OK with being OK! NO! You’re worth so much more!

Who told you that you have to settle? That you are not meant to be amazing? You should kick them out of your life! We are meant to be AMAZING! We are each meant to CHANGE THE WORLD! To have POSITIVE IMPACTS on FUTURE GENERATIONS!!

Stop Settling!!

Figure out what your amazing is! It is not anyone else’s amazing, IT IS YOURS and yours alone! Try new things, go on new adventures, GET OUT OF AUTO-PILOT!

Stop living a life of routine!!!

Take a different route home every day. Talk to someone new every day. Go to a different coffee shop, try a new restaurant, take a new class at the gym. DO the things you never thought you would ever want to do or could do! It may be the most amazing thing of your life.

Comfort Zones are for the Mediocre!

Don’t go home and watch tv every night over dinner. Take a cooking class, or grab a friend or your family and cook something wild together. Make it fun, grab some pizza dough and see who can make the best pizzas with the ingredients in the house! Google some fun recipes and give it your best! Eat it out side or try the table and actually talk!

Ask around or find some groups or tribes you can join in and accomplish something new. One thing me and my gang like to do is Silly 5K’s. Color Runs, Bubble Runs, Obstacle Runs. Anything to get us out for a cause.

Tackle the things that scare you the most, because they will be the most exhilarating when you do them! Change fear and anxiety into excitement. Be ok with not knowing how! Laugh at your mistakes. Let others help you it will bring joy to them and I promise joy to you. Leave your pride at the door and be ok with being silly! You’re welcome.

Get out there and Find your amazing!



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