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What challenges you? How do you measure it? Do you write it down, who keeps you accountable, a friend, a deadline, a reminder, a post-it or an app?

A goal without a deadline is just a dream ~Robert Herjavec

Are you ready to kick tail and make massive changes in just 30 days? We can do anything for a month. Anything! Starting is the hardest part! But all you have to do is START! You ARE worth it, you ARE strong enough.

The Full 30-day challenge is right here if you are ready to make massive changes! Make sure you bookmark it so that you can spend less time searching and more time knocking it out and getting on with your life! <3

During this challenge, we will track our progress with the weekly Fit Test. It is amazing how much stronger we can get in a week! The first time you do it it will feel hard, but that is OK! No judgment, just growth! Challenge yourself and watch and see how much stronger you can get in just one month!

Make a playlist with songs similar in length or set a 3-5 minute timer and try to do as many of each exercise as you can during that time… (make sure to use the same song or time limit per exercise each time you do the fit test- so you can really measure your growth).

Sometimes in week two you can’t see much of a change, but by week 3 you will blow it out of the water, so don’t give up. It’s part of the growing process. Be loving and forgiving to yourself, and also be proud of yourself when you do one, two or ten more, or lift even 10 lbs. heavier. BE HAPPY ABOUT YOUR PROGRESS!

Find ways to reward yourself for accomplishments, not with food, but instead with new clothes, a new book, a day off, date night, a wild adventure or trip to somewhere you have never been or always wanted to go, even better… find a trip with purpose such as a mission trip or a volunteer day with a charity or organization that helps others, this will be a much bigger reward and blessing than you can ever imagine.

SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS: Set up and write down mini goals with mini rewards, medium goals with medium rewards, and BIG GOALS with BIG REWARDS. Each goal MUST have an END DATE.

A Goal with no timeline, no plan, and no end date is nothing but a dream. Start turning your dreams into goals. You can do this. You are soooooo worth it. You are amazing! All you have to do is believe in yourself, align your life with your purpose and collect positive like-minded people around you. Together we can all help each other become even more amazing than we already are!! Build your tribe and become part of ours. We are your tribe. #BetterMeTribe #FitTest #LoveYourSelf

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    Holy shit! I’ve always had a problem with my weight and exercise because well .. I didn’t do it . That was until I tried this! Exercise really does work

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