Sunday FunDay

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SUNDAY FUNDAY!!! Get out there and play! Go enjoy nature and LIVE!

TODAYS MOTIVATION: Sunday’s are your day to just take a step back each week to completely reset. Stop and take time to reflect on last week, find 3 awesome things that happened and be grateful for them.

Now, shift your focus to the present. Think of 3 happy things going right in your life right now that you are thankful for. Focus on the things going right in your life. Think about how you got to these certain happy places. What amount of work did it take, or what caused the shift in your mindset  that was required to be where you are right now in this happy moment. Don’t dwell on the struggles dwell on the victories, big and small.

Lastly, look at 3 things you’re going to do better this week than last, and  3 things that you are going to ROCK THIS WEEK! Write them down, put them on notes and stick them in visual places around your life to remind you of your goals this week.

A man with out goals has no direction. Goals are your destination, without goals u stand still. Goals make you SUCCEED!! GET THEM DOWN AND MOVING!! #BetterMeTribe #30DayChallenge#GoalBuilding #Gratitude

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  1. Jarrod
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    Focus on the goals!! Don’t just focus on them. Write them down!

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