Sunday Funday

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SUNDAY FUNDAYYYY!!!  Today we are choosing the 5 mile hike in the woods, up the mountain through and the woods with the kids, dogs and neighbors! We have a huge amount of waterfalls around us and are very thankful for it. We spent all summer finding geocaches and that was a blast too. Check out to find out what those are. There is a fun and handy dandy app for them. They would be SUPER hard to find without it! 

Main thing is have fun! If it is raining where you are then find some fun indoor activities to do. Learn a new dance off Youtube, try some wii or xbox dancing games, or boxing is fun too. Just learn to enjoy your movements. When you change the mindset of exercise is a gift not a punishment, everything changes. Find things you love to do with friends or family that you have so much fun you forget your exercising!

TODAY’S MOTIVATION: We are very blessed to live in a very nature-rich part of the country where waterfalls and natural beauty are abundant. Everyone has beautiful things about where they live, you only need to look for them. We would Love to see them too. Share your world with us. Also tell us some things you are grateful for! #ShareYourWorld #BeGratefulForEverything  #30DayChallenge #BetterMeTribe
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