Super Saturday- Week 2

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Calling All Weekend Warriors! Let’s Do This!

TODAY’S MOTIVATION: Weekends are a great time for binge-watching Netflix, right? They’re also a great time to JUMP-start the next week. THIS WEEKEND- Instead of using today to veg out, detox and recover from last week, use it to PREPARE, PLAN AHEAD and TACKLE the next week and then you won’t need to detox next weekend! Break out of the vicious cycle.

Did you know that you are absolutely in control of almost EVERYTHING that happens to you, and even more so of how you REACT to everything that happens? A little preparation can save you so much trouble! Packing your lunch or picking out clothes and scheduling your day the night before, waking up with a plan and leaving a little early so you’re not rushed and stressed instead of lifelessly floating half way through the day and a pot of coffee before taking any kind of action.

Instead of living in “Reaction” status, strive to live in “Taking Action” status. You should be setting Goals: Daily Goals, Weekly Goals, Monthly Goals, Yearly Goals. They should be written down and stuck all over your house where you can see them every day.

Today is DAY!!! This is the Super Saturday to start living a life of an Action Taker, An ‘On-the-Ball’er, become a ‘Take Life by the Horns’ kind of person. I guarantee your life will be where you want it to be in no time at all! Never stop Dreaming, Goal-Making and Reaching New Heights! Happy Saturday! LETS DO THIS! #30DayChallenge #BetterMeTribe #SuperSaturday

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