T-shirts are for sale :)

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The first round of T-shirts are now available, Message us to find out what colors sizes and styles we have available until the big shipment arrives.  Not only do we want you to support us changing the world and sport our shirt, but we want you to have loads of fun in it and take pictures and tag us in them on social media. #BetterMeTribe! Making the world a better place one t-shirt at a time.

Shopping cart is coming soon! We are having to jump through a couple hoops but hopefully the cart will be up very soon, where we can offer you all kinds of gear such as cool world impacting t-shirts, super sweet leggings, hats, runners belts, and some swag. Its all coming soon!

On that note… Our Legging line is a GO also. I am wearing the sample leggings in a mermaid design to testLeggings them for strength durability see through and comfort. They passed every test with flying colors, These are not my design, but are for sale, as I like to support others dreams!  If you send us a message we will set you up!


We just have to do it through email until the cart is up! This is just temporary until the shopping cart gets up and going here on the site. Until then we hope to hear from you and get the orders going! Send us a message telling us what you would like! 

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