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Our childhoods build our future. People either use it to stand on, or allow it to crush them. Our childhoods are the building blocks for our entire life. Bratty kids make bratty adults. Giving and caring kids make adults who care and give. When we teach children drive and ambition we are building future world changers.

Teach them early that failure is ok, that not trying is not.

Teach them to lose as well as they win.

Teach them early how to deal with jerks, how to not take it personally.

Teach them that how we treat others is one of the most important things ever.

Teach them to share and give.

Teach them to love.

NEVER teach hate.

Teach them that it is never ok to hurt others.

Teach them to give back more than they take and to always help others.

Teach them to give their toys and things to children less fortunate.

Take them on mission trips, to feed the homeless, to help the elderly.

Teach them work ethic, to work hard, to think ahead, to not stand around waiting to be told what to do, but to jump in and help. That if anyone is working, everyone is working. Teach them the value of being an excellent employee, how it will always lead to greater things and also the value of becoming a boss who treats employees with respect and love.


Teach them to respect everyone, teach them to try to understand everyone’s situations. To look at others with love and  compassion. To give them grace and mercy. To walk a mile in their shoes.

Teach them that knowledge is power, and ignorance is our biggest weakness of all.

Most of all, teach them to love themselves. Teach them that just as it is not ok to be a jerk to others, it is not ok to be a jerk to yourself.

Teach them to never put themselves down, to never claim bad things.

Teach them that the words they put after “I AM” are the to only be life building words. To never speak anything negative about themselves or others.

Teach them to be happy, to find ways to self soothe, ways to laugh. Laughter is the cure to all.

Teach them to seek truth, to form their own opinions, to research. To never believe the media or opinions of others.

It is our jobs to give Children Roots and Wings.

A healthy foundation and room to fly!

Pour into children all that you can, even if they’re not your own. If your already an adult, start practicing these ways. You are never too old or too good to become a better person. #BetterMeTribe

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