Tear it up Tuesday- Week 3!

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YEAHHH BABYYY LETS DO THIS! Tear it up Tuesday -Week 3! We Love Arm day! Especially after leg day! You come love the warm up to loosen up your legs from yesterday haha! DO you feel like your getting stronger? I know we do!

TODAYS MOTIVATION: YOU are your ONE AND ONLY Competition. You don’t have to be better than anyone else AT ALL! You JUST have to be better than who you were yesterday, who you were last week, last year! That is the only thing that matters.

You should be moving up with the weights and hearing the little “I can’t” voice less and less! You are a Super hero! The “I can’t” voice does nothing to help you in your life! Smother Him out with a much louder, much happier I’M A ROCK STAR voice shouting from the roof tops.

Who will make you feel better inside? Who will you listen to? Who enhances your life? That’s the one you need to listen to! Mute the wimp and turn up the beast! YEAH BABY!! Lets Do this! #30DayChallenge #BetterMeTribe #JoinTheTribe

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