Tear it up Tuesday- Week 4

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Tear it up TUESDAY!!! YAYYYY!! It’s the last Upper Body day of this 30 day challenge circuit! You have for sure seen some massive gains and results this month in your body, Keep it up!


TODAYS MOTIVATION:  Evaluate your “TRIBE”! Who inspires you, who makes you want to become a better person? Who do you want to be like in your dream future self? It’s probably more than one person. We gleam wisdom, behaviors, actions, habits from many people in our lives… good and bad. Who are your Hero’s and what do you want to gleam from each of them? Write them it down.

Now think of your personal tribe (the people currently around you). Now imagine you are on a Boat in the middle of the ocean with these people. Floating along with no direction, one is pulling you this way another that way, another says no to your dreams and wishes (probably because theirs didn’t come true-yet.)

Now to move this boat forward you need wind in your sails, a good current to follow and time. To get this you need to be bringing in positive people who are examples of who you want to become, these people are the wind and the currents who will help you move forward.

But….. there are only so many seats in your (life) boat right? To set sail you must make room for those people in your (life) boat. To do so you have to start setting free the negative people, the anchors, the dead weight, the bottom draggers, the lazy nay saying friend who is sitting on your sails, not allowing them to open or turn so that you can catch the wind (your dreams). Love them and release them, put them on a rubber ducky and let them choose to stay anchored or just float through life listlessly. I’m not saying you have to completely cut them out of your life, but you do need to love them and release them UNTIL they are ready to make some POSITIVE choices in their lives too. We are all the captains of our own boats in the end. We all set sail at different times!

Don’t worry! It’s OK to out grow some people – it doesn’t mean you can’t be friends anymore, it simply means you are making room for better, more positive influences in your life. Some people are only meant to be in our lives for a short time to teach us a small or big lesson, some people are meant to come and go with the ever changing tides.

One day they will also decide to set their own sails in the right direction. Maybe you are anchoring them, maybe letting them float on their own is just what they need to do to get their own boat pointed in the right direction and start finding their own wind for their own sails. Everyone is in charge of their own Life Boat. Maybe one day they will be sailing beside you in this big old ocean called life! Question is where do you want to go? #FindYourWind#DropTheAnchors #BeFree #CutTheAnchor#BetterMeTribe #30DayChallenge

 — with Joel Stirling.

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