The Big Breakup

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img_0133We all have toxic things in our lives, and it’s time to break up with them. Toxic jobs, toxic relationships, toxic friendships, toxic habits, toxic behaviors, toxic self-talk. We know which things are toxic and we keep them anyway. We hold onto them as if we need them. But, why?

When we allow toxic things to live, We ourselves begin to die.

What Toxic cords do you need to cut today? We must identify all the toxic things in our lives. We all “know” which things are toxic, even if we try to be in denial about them. But the truth is, if we have to justify something, then we know that it’s wrong!

Let’s look at each area in our lives with these three Questions.

  1. Does this (person, place, thing) leave me feeling better or worse about myself after the interaction?
  2. Is there shame, guilt, pain, or sickness in my heart when I think of them/it.
  3. Does this (person, place, thing) support, benefit, or help me towards my goals and dreams?

Most of the time we hold onto things for fear of letting go. But, we are telling ourselves the wrong stories. The question we should be asking is…  ”

What am I missing out on in my life,
because I am filling my time
with this “placeholder”?

When we “settle” things become placeholders. No one deserves to be a “placeholder.” Would you like to be someone’s placeholder? Are you someone’s placeholder, right now? In a relationship, job, a hobby? You deserve better. We all do. Let it go, and MAKE ROOM FOR THE EXTRAORDINARY IN YOUR LIFE!

Know, that when you remove something toxic, you are making room for something 100 times better. Whether it be the partner, the job, the friendship. If it’s something you don’t need, get rid of it.

Amazing things are waiting in line for you!

I know personally in my life, that there have been some relationships that have went sour. I have been foolishly and desperately trying to hold onto them knowing that it was over. There were many, many signs that had clearly gone toxic and it truly caused me nothing but pain. So, yes, I have taken my own advice on this and I have cut some cords. Those people, places, or things no longer fit in my life and If I kept them there, they or I would die.

Everyone has their own path, and they are on their own journey,

There will never be more than on person per path. People’s paths may align for a longer time or cross for a shorter time, and some people’s paths maybe loop around crossing ours several times in our journey. But your journey is your journey, and their journey is their journey. The times that our paths meet with another, is only for the time they are supposed to and then they go their own way, to their own destination, and we go to ours. No one’s path will stay aligned with ours forever as they have their own journey to go through.

So when we try to hold on to someone or something, it’s robbing either them, us, or both, of our journeys. And someone will always get hurt. I like to think of things very creatively, so imagine with me for a minute, that our feet are on our paths and we are stretched out holding onto a leg or arm of another who’s path has clearly veered away from ours. Maybe they’re trying to hold on too, maybe not. We are all only so stretchy, right? We need to let go, or we both will get hurt. Keep in mind, there are things happening between our paths, trees, buildings, mountains, lava, a Mack truck going the other way! When we hold on to someone else as their path veers away – we hit those obstacles. And boy do they hurt! Especially the cacti! Imagine whatever you need to, to help you let go. The point is…

The longer we hold on to someone, after the time is up,
the more toxic and painful the relationship becomes.

Are you still holding on to people who’s paths have obviously veered away from yours?  We know very well that that doesn’t work out.  So today I challenge you all to cut the cords to the toxic things in your life. To cut the cords of those who’s paths have veered away from ours. And live a much happier life.

Others can’t understand our journey’s because they’re far too busy trying to understand their own. We need to let them go so they can grow and so that we can grow. And one day if our paths cross again so be it. But if they don’t then that is fine too, be ok with that. Trust that everyone comes and goes in perfect timing into our life to teach us a lesson and learn something from us.  But, also know, when to let go, because when we hold on longer than we should, it ALWAYS becomes toxic.

Let’s also agree to cut the cord of the toxic relationship with OURSELVES and with our pasts.  Know that one day we will be able to help so many people with our stories.

It’s only when our stories, become our strengths,
that they no longer hold us back, but hold us up.

Change your story into your strength today. Use the words that you tell yourself to HEAL you, not kill you. Words are the most powerful healer or most powerful weapon that there is. Try repeating some of these…

I am an Overcomer, I will not allow toxic things into my life.

My pain made me strong, My Story is my Strength.

My path belongs to me. My journey is my destiny.

I bring Joy to everyone’s life, for the time they are with me.

My past makes my future stronger and I am a better person because of it.

My life is a Miracle and I was created with a purpose.

I am a beautifully complicated work of art,

I am fearfully and wonderfully made

I am loved by all I meet, because, I love all I meet

I will not hold on to anything that doesn’t serve my goals.

Every master was once a disaster and by golly, I’m a MASTERPIECE!

Write down the ones that apply to you or make your own, post them around your house, keep them in your pocket, repeat them 100 times a day or however many times a toxic self-thought comes along, replace it with something empowering.

It’s time to break up with ALL THINGS NEGATIVE!

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