The Blame Game

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When we blame others we are giving away our control.
We are allowing others to drive our lives, to captain our ships,
how long will you allow it before we shipwreck.

Think about it… How many people can drive the same car without wrecking? What about an Airplane? or a Ship? ONE. There has to be ONE main driver, ONE person making ultimate decisions and ONE destination (at a time). Yes, we can have a support team. Yes, we can have a Co-Pilot or two to help keep us on track, but ultimately we HAVE to take the lead.

How many people are we allowing to drive our lives? This one wants to go this way, that one that way. How long before we are in a ditch? Not long for sure! The problem is… this person’s path is here and that person’s path is there, but yours is straight.

When we blame others we are not taking responsibility for things.
The truth is (and it may sting a little)
But we are 100% responsible for our own lives, our own actions, our own futures.

Take the Blame and learn the lessons! Learn what works and what doesn’t! Reflect on each and every thing and see what was a good idea… and what was… well… not so much…

Thousands of choices big and small have got us to this moment in time. Our own choices. Take the good and be proud of it. Relish on all the Good decisions you have made! Write them down!

Start yourself a Brag Journal! Writing down all the good choices. That way when you get to thinking about the bad decisions and choices, you can go and look at the good ones.

In another section of your brag journal write “Lessons Learned” don’t write the bad choices, instead write the lessons you learned from them.

Because that is basically all bad choices are.
Lessons Learned.

Some lessons were necessary for you to make a good choice next time. They say “Pain is the best teacher”.

However, Try to learn from others mistakes as well so that you don’t have to learn from that pain. Lessons are everywhere, open your eyes to see them.

Look around at the people in your life, write them all down on a piece of paper, everyone you can think possibly of. Even if its long distance, write them down.

Now put a box around the ones who are your Support team.

Circle the ones who are worthy Co-Pilots.

And X out the ones who are wrecking you, or who may be not supporting your dreams but maybe trying to support their own through you. Driving you down their path and not yours.

If it’s not your dream don’t do it.

This is your support team. Keep trying to grow it. Ask those whom you have X’d out if they can support your goals, and if not, love them and release them. Let them know that if they can’t that it is ok. You will still be their friend, but you simply won’t be leaning on them for support. It may relieve a lot of pressure on you and them.

If you don’t have a Co-Pilot, or an accountability partner some call them, reach out to someone who you would like to be and ask them to! Be specific on what your Goal is and ask them if they can 100% support that. Most likely they will say yes, and if so ask them what you can support them in, never just take from others, always give as much or more than you take.

If they say no, well then they are not the ones who are supposed to–  be ok with that! Give them permission to say no, and again assure them that they will still be your friend and that it is ok if they are not YOUR person. Take the pressure off of yourself and your friend. Find the one who is meant to help you soar, and don’t get your heart-broken if it is not whom you thought it was going to be. Someone better is about to show up!

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