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Do you go around feeling others are judging you? Do you live in reaction of what you think they will think? People aren’t judging you according to you what they think about you. They are judging themselves and reflecting it onto others. It’s not in your control. It is in theirs, People Judge others according to the wars that is going on inside of them. Set yourself Free of that burden! Let that weight fall off of your back!

Think of how much stress, anxiety, pressure, unhappiness comes from assuming! It’s complete poison! We assume that people will think this or that of us. When those thoughts have not even crossed their minds, until you put it out there to them, it probably never will! Everyone else is too busy worrying, judging, criticizing themselves. Some take it out on others, but most don’t, they keep that war inside and allow it to destroy them and all interactions.  What we worry others think if us is simply what we think of ourself.

Judgments made are truly a judgment made of ourselves.

We create this cloud around of us negative thoughts, getting ourselves so worked up, creating our own storm. The negative self-talk — assuming people will think this or that of us so much, that that is the exact vibe or energy we are putting out. We are creating the situation we fear the most ourselves. It is not happening “to us,” It’s happening “because of us.” We are letting our “fears” ruin our lives.

Acting on fears makes them become a reality.

What are we afraid of? Are we afraid that someone will see us for who we really are? Well, they can’t possibly because we don’t show them. We tend to show them what we fear they will think, instead of what we want them to see.

Everyone truly craves authenticity.

No one likes to hang out with fake people, Because being fake is lying, and no one likes being lied to. No relationship can be true on false pretenses. We have to decide who we are. We have to decide to be all in and allow people to love us, and accept us for our true selves. BUT… We have to Love and Accept ourselves for that to happen.

The level people will like, or love us,
is determined by the level we like or love ourselves.

How we treat others, is generally how we treat ourselves. And vice versa. If someone is mean to you, you can bet that they are horrible to themselves. It has nothing to do with you.  What we think of others, or how we judge them, is based upon how we think of or judge ourselves.

Judging is poison. It is an assumption. It is NOT TRUTH.

The storm we create by being in our heads eventually becomes a tornado. Sending the same thoughts round and round. Becoming more anxious about being anxious, Becoming more stressed about being stressed in the first place, becoming angry that you’re stressed and then angry that you’re angry. How big are we going to let this storm become? We have the power to stop it, because if we don’t, it will destroy EVERYTHING and everyone in its path. GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD! Stop the cycle! CHOOSE to! It all starts with one thought, a breeze if you will. Let it just pass you by, Don’t allow it to even move you. Let it go in one ear and out the other. Don’t close it inside to stir up a crap storm! Let that mess go!


Use Positive affirmations to replace them. You choose every thought. You choose every action. Take control of your life and CHOOSE better thoughts, better actions. Take charge.

You are awesome, Now its time to go share that awesome with everyone else! No holding back. Not 10% not what you think they want to see. Remember no one likes fake.

Honesty only here,

What is it that you worry others will think about you?
What do you WANT others to think about you?
Who is it that you think you need to be, to be loved and accepted?

Here is the truth. You are already them, you have just been hiding behind a costume or mask. Your true self-needs out, It needs to shine! But, it all starts with how you think of yourself. I’m guessing that you are pretty smart, kind-hearted, and caring about yourself and others. (You’re here aren’t you?) I’m guessing you’re pretty good-looking, have a smile that stops traffic, and are becoming pretty confident in your own skin right now! I’ll bet you stand tall with shoulders back and head up. I’ll bet you walk into a room with confidence and are quite the head turner. I’ll even bet that everyone is going, “Wow, I wish I had that confidence”. And I’ll bet that now you can show them how. It all starts with practice.

CHALLENGE: Five New friends!

  1. Introduce yourself– (with confidence) to five perfect strangers.
    Hi, I’m (so &so) Nice to meet you, Hello – Repeat their name back to them (shows respect)
  2. Compliment them. 
    You have very lovely eyes/hair/skin. Something genuine. not fake remember. You can compliment them on their sweater or something but then they will only feel good when they wear that sweater. Let’s give them a compliment on something that “is” them.
  3. Learn something unique about them:
    Ask a question that is not a yes or no answer. Have you been here long? How did you get to be so nice? What would you say your favorite quality about you is? or my personal favorite, “Whats your story?”  They will give you whatever answer they have time for so don’t worry about if they are “busy or not.”

The point of this is, to break through the fear, the more of a stranger someone is, the easier it is. We are not only busting through fears, we are enhancing others as we do it! And that feels good! Then you can start taking that confidence back to people you know. When you learn to let go of fear, you find out that you had nothing to worry about in the first place. You are already awesome! Just work on building that awesome muscle. Take off the “costume”, remove the “mask.” You do not need it anymore. From this moment on we will not be fake, fearful, or allow any more breezes turn into tornadoes and muck up our lives. We deserve better, and the people around us deserve all of us. The real us. We deserve the real us. We have been made to shine. I’d love to hear about your five new friends in the comments!

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