The Struggle is real…or is it?

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The struggle is real… or is it?

To see the view you must climb the mountain. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes we slip, or fall, or even skin a knee, but we get back up and we keep going. Why? Because, quitting is not an option, because, we didn’t start this journey to give up half way, because, we started it, to finish it.  The View is always worth it when we reach the top! The trick is to be grateful in every single step, in the ups and the downs and to learn the lessons in the skinned knees.

Our journeys are never just straight paths, there are many twists and turns along the way. Some of the climbs up are tough and downhills are easy and there are times when we feel we are not getting anywhere— but we are. It’s like the spaces between the waves of an ocean. Are they less important because they are lower? No! They are the very thing that is working the hardest to give the wave its power. It can’t all be waves! So, don’t let times of seeming lull get you down. Just know that a wave is coming! That is called Faith!

We all get discouraged. We all have struggles. We all have moments of doubt. These things are part of the journey, and they should be celebrated as well, for they are what make the great things great. They are what teach us lessons to get to the next level!

They only become a bad thing when we allow ourselves to dwell there for too long or to give up. If we even allow doubt for more than a minute, we can be overtaken by it. Yes, doubts will creep in sometimes but it’s always right before a big breakthrough. Like a fog before the sunrise, if we appreciate it, it will make everything more beautiful.

Imagine your journey as a mansion with many rooms, each one opening into a bigger, brighter, and better room. Each time we come up on a doubt, discouragement or a struggle, it is just a doorway into a better place. Do we open the door or do we turn back? The choice is ours and ours alone. Each doubt is just a door, some doors open easy, and some you may have to move something to get to, and some are locked but don’t worry, you don’t have to find the key, YOU ARE THE KEY!

When we have doubt and discouragement, there is simply something we need to figure out. Maybe a question we need to ask, or a lesson we need to learn to get us to the next level or to open the next door. When we have doubt we are focusing on one small detail instead of the big picture. Like the saying, “You can’t see the forest for the trees”.

When in doubt, take a step out.

Stop for a minute and take a step or two back, and look at the whole picture.

  • Are you following your purpose?
  • Is what you’re doing making you happy?
  • Is it helping others?
  • Is it bringing positive things into the world?

If yes, then this is what you’re meant to be doing! We are all meant to help others and leave an impact on the world!

We never know how far our reach is,
how far our light shines,
or just how far the waves we make travel.

Our journeys are just like waves and have highs and lows.

One of the Biggest discouragement I hear about is the lack of family support.But, don’t get discouraged if the people around you are not supporting your purpose or dream. They are simply not the ones we are meant to reach at first.

We have already made such an impact on their lives. They don’t understand our mission because it is not theirs, it is ours. It is dangerous for us to set expectations for others when we set expectations in others we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. Just allow things to happen naturally and when it does it will be so wonderful. Be grateful in all things. I will say that by us following our dreams, we are giving others permission to follow theirs. We can and should encourage them to find out what their mission is. Then they will understand more of what we’re doing.

Our goal should be to make an impact
that goes far beyond the reach
of just our lives and our families’ lives…

To aim for it to be seen and felt
for thousands of miles,
and for hundreds of years!

We all leave impacts and marks on the world. With every step, every breath, every thought, every life we touch, every molecule of energy we put out leaves an impact in this world. Good or bad, it still leaves a mark.

What kind of impact are we leaving is up to us.

How do we smash doubt, change discouragement into encouragement, change struggles into wins?

It starts with our mindsets.

  • We defeat doubt with Faith.
  • We defeat discouragement with encouragement through gratitude.
  • We defeat struggles by changing them into challenges with determination.

We have to have Faith in knowing that we are fulfilling our purpose, we have to trust that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing.

Our purpose has to always remain stronger than our doubts.

The key is to recognize it and change it.

Our thoughts are magnets. We must be careful what we allow to come through our heads. We have to recognize, redirect, and push through. Our Thoughts become our actions. Choose them wisely. Our actions change our world.

How do we defeat struggles? We change them into challenges. Commit to the goal and don’t allow anything to stop us. Make a pact that nothing will ever make us give up, give in, or quit.

We must decide now that quitting is never an option.

We are guaranteed to lose if we quit. We did not start this adventure just to quit pack up and go home!

We must be strong in our purpose,
by having unshakeable faith.

We must find so much gratitude in all things
that discouragement is never even an option.

We must celebrate the little wins
as much as the big ones.

We must develop the determination
to defeat all challenges.

When we are focused and paying attention, we can usually see challenges up ahead of us in plenty of time to plan ahead to either correct it,  avoid it  or take care of it before it’s even an issue. Some challenges are merely speed bumps. If it sneaks up on us, we need to be confident and ready to jump it and soar! If we hit speed bumps slowly and cautiously, we usually do not make it up and over, it pushes us backward and we have to come at it again and again until we gain the courage to jump it. Sometimes, we have to take a few steps back and look at the whole picture assess the situation, get everything ready and make a run for it. One thing is for sure, next time we won’t allow it to slow us down.

The thing is, the struggle – it isn’t really a struggle. It is a blessing. If you were not doing what you are doing you wouldn’t even have this challenge. Be grateful in it. If you want to see the view you have to climb the mountain. It will be so worth it, in the end, You will learn lessons along the way, gain some great muscles that help you in all areas of your life. So be thankful that you are where you are to have this challenge. Nothing great ever happened by giving up.

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