Think Bigger!

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If you can think it you can do it…. seems so simple right? So many of us think so small. We work so hard at talking ourselves out of the Big idea that came from within us that we exhaust all of our energy on nothingness! Living small I assure you is Hard work, as we are all meant to SHINE! Most of the time we work harder at not doing what our soul calls out to do than the actual work of doing it instead!  When did we stop testing our limits? What if we have no limits, except those we put on ourselves. It’s a fact. You are the only one holding you back. Your mind, It is not your pockets, your circumstances, your location. It is your mind and your mind alone.

Change your Mindset Change your World!

as the BMT shirts say..

Where there is a will there is a way. Where is our will? Just Jump, Just sing, Just do!! I can’t express it enough! It’s like stepping out on an invisible bridge that won’t show up until you step on it… with both feet.  Do you have that kind of faith? Stop stopping yourself from becoming this most amazing and wonderful unique creature that you were meant to be. Your mind says “what if people hate me”… well first of all…  tell it to shut up, you’re the boss, aren’t you? You tell it what to think!  Argue back “What if they love me? What if I’m going to be the next big thing? What if I’m meant to change the world” Wonder how many next big things this world is missing out on just because someone chose fear over faith.

I don’t know what the future holds for you but I do know one thing. If you just take a step out in faith then it will be the grandest adventure of your life. And by not stepping out and following YOUR true self, you will NEVER be happy. Stop letting fear rule. Fear is not the ruler of you! Don’t confuse fear for excitement! What are you really afraid of anyways?

To try and fail is better than to never try at all. 

~William F. O’Brien

Besides, trying and failing most definitely gets you closer to the goal than never trying, the failure is actually a success. Because you tried! That failure may open new doors to a new adventure entirely! Accept the adventure, don’t say no! GO FOR IT! You are the only one on the entire planet who is supposed to do “the thing” you have been called to do. It would be a real jerk move to not do it. Most assuredly you are meant to do something that causes a ripple in the world and leave a legacy behind. Your name is supposed to make someone else happy, Your actions are supposed to touch someone’s heart, Your ideas are going to change someone’s life. Don’t let them down.

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