Thriving Thursday- Week 2

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THRIVING THURSDAY!!! All about the core today! You can see it has grown from last week! YAYY!! YOU GOT THIS!!! Try the plank variations, try to do one minute of each variation to challenge yourself. You can also add a round or 2 of this to every days workout. That’s what we have been doing this week.  Our core is getting so much stronger and with that everything else is able to get stronger!

TODAYS MOTIVATION: Think about the core…. The core of your life. What drives you? What is at the source of it all? What makes you so excited from within, that you may just burst at the seams? What makes your energizer bunny tick? What makes your heart explode?

Have you found that one thing in your life? From within? It cannot come from someone else or something else. It has to come from within you. Those other things that bring you joy, well, that’s only a glimpse of what is already inside of you!

Find your core and what makes your spirit light up inside. You find your core and you will be heading towards your purpose! For me, it’s spiritual and the deep never ending desire to love and help others, to make a massive positive impact on everyone’s life that I come in contact with. To teach them to love themselves as God Himself loves us unconditionally.

But, for each of us it’s different. Just like abs no one can do them for you. It’s all you baby! Work on your core, inside and out!

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