Thriving Thursday – Week 3

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Thriving Thursday-3

Thriving Thursday! Did you know that the core is one of the most important parts of your body. If your core is weak, then all of your workouts won’t be as strong simple as that! You must strengthen your core to strengthen your life and strengthen your workouts!

TODAYS MOTIVATION: What makes up the Core of your life? It may not necessarily be the things that take up most of your time but instead the things that bring a HIGH QUALITY to your life. Write down 3 core things in your life. Which of them would benefit your life if you spent more time on it? Try to work those things into the pockets of your life.

Start weeding out the the things that don’t enhance your life and build the “CORE” of your life up just as you build the core of your body. Little moves or shifts in your life lead to big changes! Find your muscles (your tribe) that hold you up strong in the core of your life and help you become who you were meant to be! But don’t forget… You are your main muscle, don’t depend on others. This is your journey, not theirs.

Surround yourself with people who are on a journey that aligns with yours! Then start cutting the fat that slows you down and holds you back- those people are either on a different journey or have not found theirs yet. Maybe you are meant to set them free and inspire them to find their journey and your paths will align again in the future. Love them and release all the toxic fat from your life! You will be so much better off.  Remember that “fat” is toxic and it is slowly killing you and your dreams.  

This goes for things too- Stop holding on to things that do not serve your goals. You have a story to tell.  Maybe those people and things were meant to be in the last chapter. Start your new Chapter, toxin free, TODAY!

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