Thriving Thursday – Week 4

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Thriving Thursday

Thriving Thursday. ABBBB DAYYYY!!! Thank goodness I’m ready!

TODAY’S MOTIVATION: Thrive. What makes you THRIVE? What makes you feel alive inside? And better yet how can you turn that into something that you can get paid for? To do what you love and love what you do- isn’t that everyone’s dream? Well it IS possible, how can you turn those dreams into a living is the question.

Now that you have been with us for nearly a whole month has your mindset shifted? Have you started thinking and even better writing down your dreams and goals? Have we planted a seed of desire to do or be MORE inside of you? Are you seeing that you are only limited by your own mind? Change your mindset, Change your world!

We are each called to do very specific things on this earth; no two people have exactly the same purpose or calling or dream.  I am working on mine, which is to travel the world full-time, meeting everyone that I can, learn their stories, and love them. I want to teach them to believe in themselves, so that they can become their best self to truly love others and in turn pay that love forward. That’s my dream.

My adventure has already begun! That is what I’m working towards!  All I need to work on is getting an unlimited plane ticket, and I’m there! haha!

What is your dream? What would it take for you to get there? We are here to help and inspire, We Believe in you! Now you need to believe in you, too!

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