Today is the day…for Adventure!

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Today is the day… I know, I know… so cliché- But you know what they say… If something keeps getting repeated, then maybe, just maybe, there is some merit behind it.

What can you do today, that tonight or tomorrow or next week or year, you can honestly look back and say that you are proud of “This Day”?  What can you do today, that will be a great moment in time and something to keep in your memory forever that will always make you smile? What if, instead of listlessly flipping through 500 channels with nothing on, you turn on some music and plan an adventure instead.

Write 5 adventures down that you would like to do this month. Hang them on your fridge, or bathroom mirror and then start knocking them off! There is something so rewarding about a check off list,  crossing things off just feels so amazing.

No one ever regrets doing something good for their body, and to do it with good company, well that just makes it that much better!  Walking and talking with a friend, is one of the most therapeutic things you can possibly do for yourself. Riding bikes, 4-wheelers or horses are awesome too! Maybe its just nature in general that is so amazing. Playing sports with friends is always a great time too! I love to play basketball or tennis, even though I’m terrible at them, and barely know the rules, it’s a blast and I assure you we are laughing the entire time! FREE AB WORKOUT!

What do you love? What makes you smile for hours and hours and laugh until you’re crying or out of breath? When was the last time you had a good laugh like that? Find a way to have one- EVERYDAY!

Call up a friend and go take a hike, go fishing, go on a photography or any kind of creative adventure. Go enjoy nature in some sort of way, if you live in a city make a scavenger hunt through the neighborhood or some other fun adventure! Go find a way to laugh until your face hurts. Today is the day, go find your laugh ’til it hurts adventure!

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