Together We Rise

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Rising tide raises all ships

There is a magic in the air as we transition into this new and exciting time. Do you feel it? Look around, there is a change happening, more of a transformation of all things and it is BEAUTIFUL!  There are more people today living in their authenticity, finding their truth, breaking the molds that they were trapped in, than ever before. It is exciting times folks! I know that some of it’s kind of ehhhh. But for the most part that is just the ones who are lost and have not quite found their way or purpose yet. Love them anyway.

People are exploring better options, fixing what is broken and making it better. Science is improving our health, and people are seeking a deeper spiritual relationship than what mom and pop had. They are seeking relationships with something greater than themselves, with themselves and with others that are completely opposite than them, because they know that…

Everyone and everything
has something to teach us!

The old models of how everything was “supposed to be done” no longer fit and are no longer working for us. We are changing, we are growing, we are becoming better humans, thank goodness. We are taking care of the planet, each other and those who need it. The old ways that were broken have been shattered, and the ones that worked have been enhanced.

We are all done being the caterpillars. We no longer fit in the cacoon. We are breaking out of our shells and ready to learn to fly. The old caterpillars who never braved the cacoon are mad because their life is not what it was meant to be and they are unhappy about it.

We can never find true happiness
until we are living in our purposes.

We are all meant to learn, grow, learn, change, learn, fly, fall, learn, fly…

Crash, burn, learn and try again.  

People are seeking their soul’s purpose now more than ever. Let me let you in on a little secret…

Everyone’s purpose is helping others.

The how is your job is to figure out! But there are clues everywhere. Open your mind and look, open your heart and feel, open your soul and let its light guide you. If something lights you up you’re going in the right direction.

We as a people are reinventing the wheel, reinventing everything. Reinventing business, working, lifestyles, relationships, friendships, travel, exploring, embracing, learning from others. There is more to learn from others now than there ever will be or has been. While those fighting the changes are trying to separate us, we are more together than ever. We went from separation to a oneness.

One race, human.
One action, Love.
Kindness is sexy and hate is not.

More than ever people are not only thinking outside of the box, but they have set that limiting box on fire, and stepping out of it. The box that says people are “supposed to behave, look, feel, think, do, work, worship, live, BE” this or that way only is gone. We are more accepting, more loving, more caring and kinder than we have ever been. No not all of us, but kindness and love are contagious. Those who have not been “infected by it” need it the most. Be the one who shares it with them.

We are also exploring our beliefs, OUR CORE beliefs, not the beliefs of our fathers or what we have been taught but what is truly true to us. The core of it all, the why we believe what we believe and the ones we know are 100% without doubt truth to us, and why it is true to us. We are understanding that certain “religious practices” do not align with us. We are researching for ourselves our beliefs, we are seeing that some are misrepresenting God. Using “God” to suit their agenda and seeing that what they are doing in the name of “God” is not of God at all.

We are seeing people blame God for the bad choices of others, for all the evil in the world and now instead understanding, that God gave us all choice and some people just choose wrong and we can’t understand their situation or reasoning we can only choose kindness and love. We know that shutting down on someone because they believe something different than we do is not only uncool, but it robs you of what could be an amazing relationship where you could talk about each other’s beliefs fully without judgment anger or finger pointing of right or wrong. But just awareness and learning. Guess what? Even if people are of the same religion, they still don’t believe or worship or experience God the exact same way. I like to raise my hands and pour out to God. My Hubby likes to study His word and pray in quiet.

We are moving away from judging and putting ourselves above or below others. We are opening our eyes and minds to researching for ourselves and within ourselves to see what the truth really is.

We are no longer ignorants swimming
in a sea of ignorance because that is
what they did before us.

We are learning to read the good books for ourselves, and see that most of “Religion” is mans invention of how to reply or respond to his or her relationship to God. Religion is how we feel we are supposed to do our part to give back to Him. I challenge you to look up your religious practices that you have been taught through culture and generations or others and see if it is actually in your version of the Holy Scriptures.

Get back to the roots and remove all the noise that has been added. Find your true source and plug into it!

We are learning that nature fills most of our needs, that God provided everything we need on this planet for healing, for love, for growth, for the best life possible. We are learning that forgiveness is free, and unforgivness costs the highest price of all. That Freedom is not free and Gratitude goes a lot further than anything else.

Companies are discovering that hiring remote workers turns out so much better than having people miserably chained to a desk. That sunshine and movement is far better for us than than any medicine and that the flickering fluorescent lights are killing our creativity by murdering the light within our souls!

The more we are willing to learn, the more we will learn. The more open we are to more possibilities the more possibilities show up in our lives, more than we could have ever imagined. We are learning that relationships and experiences mean so much more than anything you can buy, watch, accomplish do, or be a part of.

This new generation of people are rising up, they are not binge watching tv, they are out there traveling and making their own memories and creating their own experiences that are far better than anything they could watch on TV. There are less people hiding behind screens and more getting out there and living for themselves, not in a selfish way but in a what their soul needs to light up the world kind of way. People are far more beautiful than the small-minded, judgement box that we have been keeping them in. We are made to move, live, breathe, help, and to love.


We are so blessed to live in such a time as this where Hearts are leading the way. Where there is more love than judgement and Kindness is WINNING THE DAY! Where spirituality is moving massively forward and where we are allowed to raise our hands or bow down and worship how we feel the Creator of all things. We are living in a time where Love covers all wrongs and forgiveness is real. Where we are all learning to focus on the good in others, think the best of others, bring out the best in others and allow them ROOM to be their true selves. It all starts with allowing ourselves room to do the same. Start with you. Give yourself space to discover, to grow. To fly, to understand that we are all just doing the best we can. Make the most of it.

We are learning that we need more healing and less pilling. Numbing out stops our flow and is not the way and let me tell you people are sick of it, there is an entire movement to rise up against it.

Feelings are meant to flow through you, not stop anywhere, just recognize them, and allow them to pass by. Feeling things is how we know we are alive! Allow them to move through you. STOP allowing LABELS (depressed, anxious, lonely) to stop a feeling and hold it there. Release that feeling, do the action its asking of you, so it can lead you to your ultimate happiness!

If we have a feeling about something
It is a cue that an action that is needing to be taken!

Our souls became restless in the robotic world and they cried out.  The moment we decided to say “Yes, there is more out there for me,” the comfort zone became itchy. With every “yes” a feather grew on our wings, and the cacoon of our fathers became too tight, we could no longer breathe.

When we say yes to the possibility of the life we are supposed to be living, to fulfilling the purpose we were made for, the one our soul longs for, then we no longer fit in it in anything that is not a part of that. 

Our old life becomes colosterphobic for a reason.
We are not meant to stay there! 

So, Today is the day to decide. I know you have heard that a million times, “today’s the day! blah, blah, blah.” But what if you really make Today THE day? And start believing everyday is THE day! If you don’t get as far as you would like to today, guess what tomorrow you get to try again. As long as you are making steps even if they are tiny shuffles at first, in the RIGHT direction, You my darling are WINNING! 

Today is the day you say YES! To your goals, YES to your future that YOU  choose and not according to anyone else’s opinions, thoughts, desires or wishes for your life. They have their own life to run and you are the only one in charge of your own. Time, money, circumstances, are irrelevant, the moment you say yes, everything meant for you comes to find you and rushes in to help you. So I ask this cliché question that you probably have heard a million times, but today you will hear it and really feel it for the first time, because I am not asking you, YOU are asking you. 

If I could be anywhere doing anything right now.
What would it be? 

Close your eyes and dream on it. Meditate on this question to yourself. Keep asking this question until you come up with an answer. Let us know what your answer is in one of our many social media pages or comment here. Your answer WILL Inspire someone else. Your torch lights the torch of others. Let it start with you.

Be the flame that lights others.

So many need you to start the fire in their hearts, but first you must start yours.  Write your plans down to becoming that person and make yourself some mini goals around it. Every year on your birthday or New Years Write a new set of goals, One for every year old you are. Look back and see how much you have grown. Grow baby grow. Those wings no longer fit in that old caccoon. Build your flame so high that it burns that old caccoon down! Become a part of the future. The one of change and love and improvement and kindness and lessons!

A rising tide raises all ships. Rise up!

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