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We all have 24 hours a day right? Why are some people doing great things and some spinning wheels, and sinking in the mud? Want to know the difference? Traction.  Do you have purpose in what you’re doing; or are you getting lost in the “noise.” Drama is a major time sucker, if you even allow it in your life for a second it sucks you up, beats you up and spits you out somewhere lost and confused like a tornado!

Don’t get lost in the drama tornado!
Be too busy Changing the World!

When we spend our time with purpose, with intention, we don’t have time for drama. When it comes our way we have to learn to step aside and allow it to miss us. Recognize it coming and get out-of-the-way! Guard your time with your life! It is the most precious thing we have! Bless and release those who are drama tornado’s in your life. They don’t need you fueling their dramas, nor do you need to waste any of your energy on it. You have better things to do!

Our Purpose should be our number one priority
at ALL times in our lives.

The thing about drama is, it is very, very, needy. It is a life-sucking force. It needs participation to continue. The more attention we give drama the bigger the monster becomes.  And like all bad guys, the moment we give it a chance it will turn on us! Drama is not your friend. Drama is an addiction. People don’t even realize how bad it’s poisoning them!  Sure, it is a way to get attention, but is that the kind attention we need? It is a massive poison in our lives, our families, and our futures. Get rid of it. 

Surround yourself with positive things,
people, actions. Where Drama can’t live!

Counteract Drama with love, happiness, kindness, gratefulness, and anything positive. Like a scared little beast, it will turn and run from you. Let others know that their drama can not and will not live near you. By doing so, you will free them from the burden of trying to find drama to talk about with you, you might find out who your friends really are. The ones so addicted to it, will either keep it to themselves or find someone else to feed on. Either way, it’s a win-win!

Nothing sucks the joy out of your life, like drama does.

Think about how you feel after being around someone negative, or drama related. Icky right? Think about how you feel after being around someone positive? Like you could tackle the world!  It’s all energy. The drama person is taking your energy to fuel their fire. The positive person is fueling your fire with their amazing energy! Which would you prefer? Which are you?

Be aware if you’re taking or giving energy to others. We should all be giving it. That is what makes the world a better place. How can you be more positive in your life? What things can you do to eliminate ALL drama in your life? <3 


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