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A True Love Story

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We don’t hear many true love stories anymore, but today, I have a beautiful one for you. Grab a tea, sit back and fall in love with them!

I met the most lovely young couple the other day… They sold it all to take a chance on love and adventure. It’s so inspiring to see people following their souls calling again!

As they told me their story about their reconnecting after twenty years, the fear of reaching out to say “hello, I never stopped thinking about you since the first time I saw you in the fourth grade you imprinted my heart.

As the “wanna grab a coffee” to “let’s leave it all behind and start fresh” and the super scary exciting “Yes!” story rolled out of their souls, I was entranced by the light that shone out of their eyes as they told the stories of their adventures already had and the ones to come!

The “We will figure it out as we go” they said. “All we need is love” and “where ever we are doesn’t matter; together is where we will call home.”

And their story was only beginning.

They said yes to their souls calling to be free… and allowed their hearts to lead the way—what a beautiful, brave, and rare sight.

If only we all said yes. Imagine how exciting and beautiful our lives will be.

We are amazing and resilient creatures. We are each called to be adventurers in this life.

We are not called to sit on our couches, living vicariously through the lives of others on tv or social media. We are called to get out there and live the life we were given. The one that we are taking for granted.

It is time to live a life of no regrets.

We, as a society, have shut down and isolated our souls with our bodies. We are all hiding in our corners of the world, sitting in distrust and fear. We are somehow scared to think aloud, ask questions, or share feelings or opinions anymore because of the abuse from keyboard Karens and Kens. The “experts” on the internet only know what they have been told to—spouting hate from the same scripts. What if everything you have been told was a lie? What if everything they have been told was a lie? What if everyone is wrong?

There are no winners in war.

And the war isn’t even ours to fight.

The only way to come out of this is to link in love again. We must stop hiding under the covers of frustration. With flashlights, scared to research or share what we find.

If we are danged if we do, and danged if we don’t, then we might as well do.

Doing nothing is doing nothing.

But, just know that anything not said or done in love is not heard nor seen.

Ignore the belittling name-callers of the world and listen within. What does your gut say? What is your soul calling you to do? Is it telling you to take a chance on yourself? On love? On adventure? I will bet it is.

It doesn’t mean everyone is meant to sell it all and fly. Some people are called to be the roots; some are called to be the wings. Some are called to be the branches that carry out the beautiful things to the world.

Who are you called to be?

Stop allowing your souls to be beaten down, and stop hiding them. We have given the bullies of society way too much power. We have allowed them to spew their hate, judgment, and directives on us for far too long.

Never take the advice or opinion of someone you wouldn’t trade places with.

If someone is bullying others, you can bet that they are filled with toxic hate inside. If you wouldn’t want to be in the same room with a person, you can bet that you certainly wouldn’t want to trade places with them. Bless and release.

Arguing with fools is the biggest waste of energy there is.
Save your energy for adventures and your love for adventurers.

What would it take to step out of the gaslighting of others and use that spark to relight the fire in your own soul so that you can be the example for others to relight the spark in theirs?

What do you need to do to remember why you’re here, on this amazing earth, that was created just for you to explore and fall in love with it and everything and everyone in it, every single day?

What amazing things are you meant to be doing, the places you are meant to be exploring, the people you are meant to be loving, helping, and holding? Call them out, write them down, put them on a post-it on your mirror or nightstand to think of them every single day, and start taking steps to help them?

Next, How can I help?

Thankfully, I’ve been blessed to have that fire, that desire, that burn inside to be a better human, to do more, be more, love more, for many years now. And I’m so happy that it is starting to come back in others too. The last two years have been an enormous opportunity to grow.

If you haven’t if you have been stuck in the quagmire of it all. Reach out to me, and I will help pull you out!

Humanity is coming back. People are starting to listen to their souls again. We are unplugging from the madness and listening to the heart again. Talk to people, hear their stories, look up from your phone, and out at the world again, at each other again, in each other’s eyes again.

See people’s souls again.

SEE each other again.

Eye to eye, soul to soul, really seeing others.

Drop the walls and the fists, and spread them beautiful arms wide open to give and receive love again.

Let this and every interaction, from here on, be beautiful—even the ones with the internet bullies. Give them a space to drop their gloves too. Imagine the pain and frustration they are holding inside if they take it out on strangers on the internet.

Be love… In all things. Be love.

Heal and refill your soul’s cup so you can overflow love into all the world in a way that only you can.

Stop taking Mother Earth and Father God for granted and start appreciating all the gifts they offer us freely, every… single… day… Start living in gratitude, and abundance will follow. Start receiving so that you can start giving back to them and others.

It is time for us to get outside, get grounded, and remember our roots.

Nature heals the soul.
Love heals our hearts.
Adventure heals our minds.

Get outside, into nature with others, and explore. Find a spot to put your bare feet on the bare ground. Lay back and look at the sky. Hold hands. Talk to one another about goals, dreams, wishes.

When in nature, our souls guide the conversations.

Close your eyes and absorb the sun, the sounds, each other’s hearts. Let the wind blow your hair. Keep talking until it is all out, then the comfort of being quiet is the most beautiful thing heard—That’s when souls talk to each other without words.

Give space for your souls to speak, to be heard, and listen. Really listen. What are they saying? Is it begging for you to go do your part in the world? To be the hands and feet of the angel inside of you who was sent here to make the world a better place? Listen. Then… Go, Give, and Do. Then listen some more and repeat!

When we have better conversations with ourselves, we can have better conversations with others.

Talk it out with friends so that it can get untangled and clear. Follow the adventure of it all in your soul’s calling towards your destinies.

You see, a destiny, our destiny is not one destination. It is many. Nor is it a straight path. It is a road with many forks, and no fork is wrong. But the scenic view is always worth it. Take the winding, curvy, bumpy road to get lost a few times, enjoy the adventure. Our destinies don’t just fall into our laps; we must get out there and go get it. If it did, we wouldn’t be ready for it. We couldn’t appreciate, grasp, or even handle it if we cheated our way to the other side.

The adventure is what makes us become the person who can handle the destination.

If we can’t manage a little, we can’t manage a lot. When much is given, much is expected.

We must give, serve, live in our overflow.

Those who give always have more than those who hoard… more life, more freedom, more joy, more friends. Those who hoard suffer from a lack mentality, and a lack mentality is like trying to fill up a cup with holes all in it. You simply can’t.

Every day is an opportunity to live, serve, give, love, adventure.
Every day is an opportunity for a new adventure.
Every moment is an opportunity for a new adventure.
Every second is an opportunity for a new adventure.

It is time to start living a life worth loving and stop loving and living someone else’s life.

There are only five things you need to have the best time of your life.

Water. Food. Sun. Fun. Others.

That is all that matters. Everything else is extra. Purge your life of all things, people, places, music, tv, media that doesn’t bring you joy. Make room to hear your soul’s whispers. Hear its song and follow where it leads.

Seek the things that light it up… That lights you up.

When you follow your desires, it lights your soul’s on fire and will gladly lead the way.

Listen to the hints and begin the grandest adventure of your life. Share it with us and share it with the world. Conspire to inspire others to do the same, and soon everyone will be happy and free again.

People who feel trapped try to trap others. People who are free try to free others.

It is a tale as old as time.
We give what we have inside.

Controlled people, try to control people.
Happy people bring happiness to people.
Loved people, love people.

Are you free? Loved? Happy?

A simple shift in belief that you are worth it, worthy of it that deserve it can change everything for you. Because you are, and you do.

We all deserve to be free, and we should inspire others to be free too.

No one can put us into any box, cage, label that we don’t allow them to.

Labels limit, trash them. Burn the box, and the key to the door of the cage you’re hiding in is in your heart. Step out and be free.

Be free to feel, think, sing, cry, love, laugh, and be. Throw away the constraints. Stop letting others control your time, agenda, habits, thoughts, actions, and reactions. Be free of that mess.

In our natural, unaffected state, we are love.

We were always love, and it is time to return to the being of love that we were born to be. Just be. Be love. Love is free.

Let your life shout love freely from the rooftops, even without words, so that we can remind others that they, too, are free. Free and worthy of love, being love, and being loved. Worthy of loving and leading a life of love and allowing themselves to love us back.

So, my darling, your cage door is open, and you are free to choose everything. Choose the next thought, idea, action, and opinion, and make it be your own, from within you. No more regeritation station. Speak only from your heart, in love, so whatever you say, can be heard.

Life is short; if we do not love it, we are not living it.

Set the boundaries you need to love and live your life to its fullest. It is not meant to be there if it doesn’t bring you joy.

Go find those people that make time stand still and love them hard. Find your kindred spirits. When you are with a kindred spirit, time doesn’t exist. Purge the ones that make seconds feel like minutes and cause misery in your life.

Misery is a choice.
Suffering is a choice.
Purge and make room for better!
Choose love, laughter, joy.

I hope that you choose this moment right now to pay attention to what your soul is telling you.

After talking with this couple for hours, I told them to keep going! To go and find where their pieces to the world’s puzzle fit on all sides.

There are many places where our pieces don’t belong, even places where it fits on one side but not another.

If you are living your life in a place that doesn’t fit.

Don’t block the dreams of another by settling for a place that isn’t yours.

Those two certainly fit right with each other. Now it is time for them to go find the spaces that the rest of their pieces fit.

I explained to them how their pieces are joined together and fit really well. The tops and bottoms of their puzzles will be the things they are interested in together. But they will also now have opposite ends that will be something that connects them to others, something, an interest, talent, desire, that they don’t share together. It will be something all their own, and that was ok. It is how it is meant to be and even needed so that they don’t lose themselves in the other. Because if they did, then if something happened to them, they would be lost too.

Imagine if everyone had their piece of the puzzle in the right spot in the bigger picture of life. There would be no more confusion, control, fighting, or dominating.

Everyone would be fulfilled completely, interlocking with tribes of people who love and support them and who they also love and support—linking together to make a bigger, more beautiful picture for all to see.

All the relationships would be equal, give and take. Everyone could live, love, and work in their overflow, not from empty cups.

There would only be love from all sides to all people. Isn’t that what we should all strive for?

So, Go. Find the place where all things fit, and get out of someone else’s spot. Conspire to inspire others to do the same, and we can enter a new era where the soul’s light freely shines out of everyone’s eyes, and all the people around us light us up even more.

If you’re looking for a tribe like that to belong to, I encourage you to join ours! We are changing the world, and our cups are overflowing with so much love. We welcome you! I just know you will fit right in!

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