Unite In Love

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Love + Hurt = Hate

We are all connected. All the human race. All trying to do the best we can with what we have. Hating others takes away everything from everyone. When one of us are attacked, ALL of us are attacked. When one of our freedom is threatened…all of our freedom is threatened.  If one of us has to live in fear, All of us do. We can stop this cycle of hate!

Unite in Love.

We MUST take a stand for what is right and what is wrong. Stop living in the gray. Stand up against evil, against hate, Fight for our freedoms, IN LOVE. Love is the ONE thing that can unite us all together.

The differences in us is what makes us the same.

We are all different, we are all special, we are all amazing in our own ways! Learn to Appreciate the differences as well as the similarities others. Everyone has something they can teach us.

God made us all different for reasons beyond our understanding. Everyone thinks different, everyone’s culture is different, looks different, acts different, and has different passions and dreams. These differences shouldn’t divide us, they should unite us because ALL kinds are needed in this world.

We MUST unite and STAND against EVIL. Evil is not a race, or a religion, or a type. It is an action, it is a thought, it is a seed that takes over one’s soul if allowed to grow.

Hate breeds Hate, Love Conquers all.

Choose Love. When we allow evil in our hearts it plants seeds of hate, anger, jealousy, detesting. When we dislike something or someone, we start to pick it apart with our minds, we become intolerable to its ways, we are in fact putting them in boxes, in OUR boxes, that they simply don’t fit in. Would you like someone to put you and your soul and your passions in a box, just because they didn’t understand them? No.

Instead of hate: learn, ask, appreciate.

Why don’t we ask questions about it, try to understand them instead? We might find them and their story amazing and beautiful and even decide to help support them in whatever way we can. Walk a mile in their shoes… Maybe if you or I were put in the same position we would be doing the exact same thing. Maybe we can offer wisdom and help turn others’ hate to love. It’s not that we are giving up ourselves to what they are or may become– of course not, but with understanding comes love, compassion and more understanding from us and from them. 

Two wrongs don’t make a right.
It just makes it keep it going.
I choose to end it with me, every time, do you?

We don’t have to agree with everything everyone else is doing, we don’t have to excuse what they have done. We do need to try to understand what their journey is and have compassion and forgiveness in our hearts so that we don’t continue the cycle. WE CAN END IT WITH US. But, it’s up to us to choose to do so. Maybe by giving them understanding, we can help them find their way. Maybe they don’t know fully what their purpose is, or have misunderstood their mission, maybe they don’t know the whole story. Does anyone? No. Our brains would explode, we would skip the journey and go straight for the end cheating ourselves of the lessons, growth, and blessings.  We all just take steps in faith towards what we feel is our way.

Hate grows like kudzu killing everyone and everything in its path by stealing its light. It spreads its own seeds and more and more comes up. Don’t allow hate to grow anywhere near you! Hate creates the evil in the world, and evil creates hate– it’s a vicious cycle.

Hate or Love, it all starts in our hearts.

We choose to grow what we allow to grow by feeding it.  Don’t allow it to live for a second to take root inside of us. Only feed what we want to grow.  Fill our hearts with good and it will choke out the bad.

Love is the only thing that can heal our country, our nation, our world, and it starts within each of us.

We can not control anyone else’s heart but our own. You start with yours and I’ll start with mine and together WE CAN save our world. We can spread love, kindness, compassion and understanding and link arms with all kinds of people, learning all kinds of lessons and teaching others to always CHOOSE love over hate.

United we stand, Divided we fall.

Don’t allow hate, don’t support hate, don’t give hate attention. But don’t ignore it either; take a stand before it consumes us all. Love is Greater than hate.

The only thing more powerful than hate is love.

Love removes hate. Unite in love.

If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.
If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.
And if Evil opposes itself and is divided, it cannot stand; its end has come.
Mark 3:24-26

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