Upper Body – Week 1

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Tear it up Tuesday

TEAR IT UP TUESDAY! Let’s See what ya got Boys and Girls! I’m super excited about today and pretty sore from yesterday! Really excited for yoga tomorrow because my entire body will be sore after this! Add in Thursdays Core workout if you have anything left!

Today’s Motivation: ME TIME!

Every day you need to do something for you. Every day that you do do something for you is going to be a good day. Commit. Choose things in your everyday that become your non-negotiable.

Schedule time in your busy schedule for you and only you! Just as you already schedule in time for everyone else, give yourself a turn! In my experience, women have a harder time with me time than men. Men seem to me much better at it 90% of the time, they just don’t feel as bad about it as moms do. It is especially hard for parents who give everything they have to take care of little ones, until there is nothing left for them.

We need the reset in our lives small daily ones, and bigger weekly ones, and longer monthly ones and atleast one yearly trip alone or with the girls and with the spouse.

We all HAVE to find balance in all stages of our lives. Scheduling in time for ourselves seems so awkward at first. But it is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family, your career, your loved ones. REFILL YOUR CUP.

We need time to reflect on our day,
to sit and think,
pray and meditate
on all the things that our hearts cry out for.

Do something for you today!!! What are 2-3 non-negotiable things that you can add to your schedule every day to reset, refill and make your every day better, for you and all those around you? Schedule them as an UNBREAKABLE MEETING. Let’s Do this!!  #YouAreImportantToo

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