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The walls we put up become our prison.

Today I want us to think about the walls we put up in our lives. How they hurt us more than help us.

Each hurt is a brick, each pain is a brick, each betrayal is a brick, each lie is a brick. And the stories we tell ourselves over and over is the mortar that holds them all together.

We may think we are protecting ourselves, but we are only closing ourselves in. Shutting our hearts in from the world. Instead of locking others out were are in fact caging ourselves in. We are smothering out our own light. Creating our own prisons of pain and suffering. We are not meant to live like that!

Bravery is our Chisel,
Courage is our Sledgehammer,
Faith is our Grenade.

Knock down the walls, let go of the stories we tell ourselves that hold it all together. Know that how people treated us does not define our futures. We have to stop allowing it to hold us down, to smother us. We have to choose to stop allowing it to steal our future, our power, our light, our joy, our happiness.

We are not made to hide, We are made to shine!

When we build walls, we are blocking out the beautiful views of all that life has to offer us. There are so many things out there that we are meant to see and do and feel and love and laugh and shine!

Hurt people, hurt people.

Don’t become one! Each person who hurts us is hurting inside in their own ways. Send them love and release the chains that are binding you by the words that they said.

Forgiveness is our freedom.

When we forgive others, we knock down a brick in the wall, When we forgive ourselves the mortar that holds it all together no longer holds, it becomes sand and the walls come down.

When we hold pain inside it comes out, it comes out on our friends, our family, our loved ones, and our health. Don’t take it out on innocent people, don’t let what some jerk said 20 years ago, overpower all the thousands of nice things people have said since!

Quit looking in the rearview mirror when the windshield holds such a better, wider and more beautiful view of the world. Look at where you’re going. Not where what you have left behind.

Leave the rest behind

Use the bricks of your past as a foundation to stand upon. To be stronger, steadier, and to support others. Or use the bricks as stairs to Lift you up and out of the place you were, and climb into your own greatness.
But don’t use them as walls to keep you down or close you in and make you miss out on amazing opportunities, relationships, and the freedom that we are all given. <3

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